Prayer, Plain and Simple

At least 37 people have died and were dozens wounded in two explosions that rocked the busy Moscow metro during rush hour this morning. The UK’s Telegraph quotes security sources that suicide bombers from Chechnya were responsible. God, have mercy!

Let’s pray for the victims, their families and the nation of Russia in this crisis.

“God, we pray for the victims of violence, particularly this morning for those in Moscow who have suffered this attack. We pray for them and their families and we pray for the nation of Russia. Our world is wracked by self-inflicted pain because men and women choose to act on the anger and resentment in their hearts. There is no political or economic or social or educational or psychological solution to this. Only the miracle of peace will bring about healing. God bring healing to those who have suffered. Bring conviction and correction to those who have plotted this evil. Bring resolve to those who will work to stop these sorts of attacks in the future. Bring YOUR resolution to the root causes of these kinds of terrorist assaults against peace. God, step in to stop and save. And use us however you will to bring about YOUR peace in this broken world. In Jesus, the Prince of Peace…”  

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