Prayer, Plain and Simple

I have a friend who may be losing his home. Most of us know someone suffering under this crisis. The statistics are daunting. 2 million people are either in default or in immediate risk facing foreclosure. Numbers are one thing; faces and names and real human stories are another. I’m grieving for my friend. I can’t help him myself in any kind of financial way, but I can, and I will pray. Join me today in a prayer for all those under the shadow of the current mortgage crisis.

“Father God, you are our provider. You promise protection and provision for us, so we come to you today asking for immediate and practical help for all those at risk of losing their homes. Some of these financial problems were not caused by any individual; some perhaps were the results of unwise decisions. Either way, at this point Lord, we need and ask for your intervention and help. We ask for practical relief and a specific solution to the problem. Bring the right people together to solve this housing crisis in a creative and timely way. Provide a way to pay this debt, or remove or realign or restructure the debt. Whatever will prove the best and right course, do it, Lord! Father, bring hope and faith and a relief from fear and a sense of despair. You promise in the Bible to “make a way where there is no way.” This is time for that kind of miracle! Cut a new path through this impossible jungle. Save, and then bless this home! Your name is “Provider.” You love to prove yourself in this way. We humbly acknowledge that without your help, we’re helpless. But with you we pray, ‘I can’t; you can; please do; thank you!” In Jesus’ name we pray.”

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