Prayer, Plain and Simple

As of today, the “official” U.S. unemployment rate stands at 9.7% but officials are warning of more bad news for February. Estimates are that payrolls fell by another 50,000 last month lifting unemployment to 9.8%. And this does not include the long term unemployed who have stopped looking for work. These are difficult days…

God cares about our practical needs. In Jesus’ great model prayer – we call it “The Lord’s Prayer” he urges us to pray, “Give us today our daily bread.” This plank of the prayer recognizes that we need simple, down to earth provision and we can bring that need directly to God. Just a few paragraphs later in his long teaching recorded in Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 6, Jesus promises that God, our Father, is aware of our need for provision and will respond when we ask. “Ask and you will receive,” Jesus adds.

Today we offer a model prayer for anyone seeking employment and the resources necessary for life.

“God, I would never imagine presuming on your favor, unless you had graciously offered your love. You have offered, and so I do ask. You have so many wide concerns; what am I in this vast universe that you should care for me? But the truth is, you do care. You invite me to call you “Father,” and to put my trust in you for the big and small things in my life. Today I come with a specific and pressing request: I need a source of provision. I acknowledge, as you say, that you are my true source. But practically, you deliver your grace through specific, down to earth channels. I need to connect with one of the specific sources right now. You promise that you will supply everything I need. I did not create this promise and the expectations it engenders. But I am choosing now to take you up on your commitment. Today, I’m asking for employment, and a way to work that will purchase for me and those who depend on me a sustainable income. Give me opportunity, and contacts, relationships, and a creative mind to consider all my options. Put me into contact with the right people. Give me favor when I speak to them. And with all the contacts I’ve already made, bring my name and what I bring to the table front and center to those considering my case. God, my Father, I’m asking specifically for a job, soon. I’m asking that you would place me in a situation that fits my gifts and experience and desires. Give me a role where I can serve and contribute to a meaningful organization. And now, when it’s most difficult, give me faith and hope to continue walking, so that I can have the strength to believe you and to help those who depend on me to believe as well. I pray this in Jesus’ name, trusting your words and your promises. I am hoping and expecting an answer! Thank you.”

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