Prayer, Plain and Simple

Sell your Toyota stock…Now!

Toyota has problems. Big problems. Not only do are the accelerators in millions of their cars prone to stick, they now admit design problems in the brake system of the Prius. When it rains it rains fire from heaven and hell…

No surprise. Stuff does go wrong. When we humans build things, even our best efforts hit a wall. Eventually, everything we do will need some course correction and recall. Even a company as renowned for quality as Toyota will fail to account for something. Human effort is doomed to failure.

The spiritual moral here is simple. Everything I attempt to build will someway, sometime run amuck. I wasn’t designed to “go it alone” apart from God, my Designer who made me to work in tandem with him. God invites a partnership in every venture I attempt. I can choose “yes” or “no” to this invitation, but without his involvement, the work of my hands will unravel. As Murphy put it, “If something can go wrong, it will.

In my book, The Karma of Jesus I talk about this obvious and foundational truth: Without God we’re destined to failure. With God, we’re destined for greatness. I don’t know if Toyota could have avoided this mess by praying to God for wisdom during their design process. Sometimes things are that simple; sometimes they are not. I do know that without prayer they were destined, eventually to face this kind of disaster. And so am I and so are you. If we go it alone, we’re destined for a recall.

“God, give me the humility and courage to invite you into the beginning process of every adventure I launch. The things I build and design and attempt need your participation. Today, I ask for your partnership in the tasks at hand. You promise that if I ask for wisdom you will give it. I’m asking. This is not guarantee that I will avoid all problems, but through all the challenges I know you will be with me. Thank you. In Jesus…”  



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