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Early this morning, an 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit Santiago, Chile. At the writing of this post, the death toll was reported to be at least 147 people, but the numbers are bound to rise. Please join us in prayer for the people of Chile and the surrounding areas which are on tsunami warning.

Heavenly Father,

We come to you humbly beseeching your help for the people of Chile. This year, we have already seen the devastating effects of earthquakes on the island of Haiti and the most devastating of those results were being uncovered in the hours following the earthquake. We pray that if it is within the realm of possibility, that this earthquake will not produce the great tragedy which is still being dealt with in Haiti. We focus our thoughts and prayers on those in Chile who have survived this quake, but also on those who are yet surviving possibly under rubble and collapsed structures. We pray for the strength and perseverance of the emergency workers who have been tasked with saving lives and recovering bodies. We know that you will put no more on them than they can bear. For those who are awaiting news on their family and friends in Chile, we pray that you would grant them patience and peaceful spirits. As the surrounding lands prepare for the possible tsunami, we pray that you would give every person knowledge, wisdom and discernment. We pray for a quick recovery and restoration of the city of Santiago, Chile and protection for the surrounding regions. We know that you will perfect every need which concerns every person in the midst of this tragedy and we certainly believe in your sovereignty. May all who can and will, be compassionate and charitable toward the people of Chile and may everyone pray without ceasing. 

In Jesus’ Name,
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