Prayer, Plain and Simple

Today, on the first day of New York Fashion week, the fashion world received the tragic news  that British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, was found dead in his flat in Central London. The avant garde designer was only 40 years old. He was considered a brilliant mind among his peers in the industry and his supporters both young and old. I never had the opportunity to own an Alexander McQueen piece, but having worked at a fashion magazine, I became familiar enough with his work to become a fan. I loved how his clothing spoke volumes. You didn’t just wear his clothes, you made statements in them. If, as William Shakespeare penned in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…” Alexander McQueen IS one of the finest costume designer for us bit players. Please join me in prayer for the family, friends and fashion followers of Alexander McQueen.

Heavenly Father,

It is hard for us to put into words how we feel right now in the midst of this great loss, but first and foremost we do thank you for the life that you gave Alexander McQueen on this earth. We thank you for the inspiration and creativity you gave him to create some of the most beautiful clothes we have ever seen. We thank you that because of the inspiration you gave him, he inspired many others. We thank you for all he created that we saw and that which we have yet to see. We thank you that though he has gone on, his fashion house and that which comes out of it will carry on his legacy. We ask right now that you would be with his family, friends, peers, supporters and followers as they grieve their loss. Comfort them in this time of mourning. Let us celebrate the life and work of Alexander McQueen always remembering his fearlessness to be cutting edge and avant garde and let us bring his fearlessness into our own lives so that we may be innovators and inspire the generation yet to come. Many will be tempted to speculate on the reasons for his death, but we pray that their mouthes will be shut out of respect for the family. May all hearts turned toward prayer and may all have positive thoughts for all who have been and will be affected by this tragic loss.

In Jesus’ Name,


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