Prayer, Plain and Simple

A second major winter storm is hitting Washington and Eastern seaboard. Snow, wind and slush are hounding commuters again today as blizzard warnings from Baltimore to New York City herald the arrival of another historic storm – more than 10 inches of new snow on top of the 30 inches that fell just a few days earlier.

Let’s pray for the safety and health of all those affected. Driving is treacherous and dangerous. And shoveling snow can be a major cause of injury and even heart attacks and death.

“God, we pray for the protection and health of the millions of people impacted by these major winter storms on the east coast of the United States. Give everyone wisdom in how they travel and work to deal with this major disruption. Guard the health of those driving and those working to dig out. Give peace and wisdom and rest where it most needs to be… In Jesus…”

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