Prayer, Plain and Simple

January 7, 2010

Day 6

Weight: 206

Weight lost: 0

I weighed in and I’m parked at 206 lbs. Okay… I’m still taking communion each day and praying for my meals. The place and time and company with which I share the Eucharist are differing from day to day, but I’ve been consistent, so far. Other than adding this element into my eating routine I’m not consciously trying anything different.  Confession: had another piece of leftover chocolate birthday cake last night. Thanks Miles!

I’m seeing no tangible change in the numbers that count, yet. But I sense something shifting, ever so subtly. Nothing like magic, but a kind of adjustment in my psyche… What I’m starting to notice is a change in my awareness. I’m more AWARE when I’m eating and of what I’m eating. I find myself pausing, just a bit. I’m crediting this to God. Why not? I’ve asked him to be present with me as I eat and “bless” it in the ancient sort of way. So perhaps this is how he is making himself a part of my eating-life: He’s turning my attention to say, “Hey, now you are eating, think about that.”  

That is a different posture for me. Usually I eat without thinking. If the food is there, I feel free, even obligated, to consume it; it’s a feeling, not a thought that leads me. I’m aware, and I’m taking this as a good thing, a change, a step closer. Food is a gift from God. I’m first conscious, then hopefully thankful, then, hopefully aware that I can choose to say “yes,” or “no.”

Granted, nothing is showing on the scale, yet, but on the scale of my mind, maybe the tectonic plates are shifting… We’ll see.

“God, I invite you to dinner. Please come, speak your mind, and express your preferences. I belong to you. My body is your home. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll eagerly accommodate.”

Report: Last night the door bell rang. I opened the door and there stood my dear friend Bill – who is evidently reading along with this blog adventure – holding a paper bag. He smiled, handed it to me and walked off. I should add, Bill lives on the other side of the Twin Cities, so he made this trip through -20 temps just to smile and hand me the bag. I laughed, because instantly I knew what it was. He’d penned on it, “Ask and you shall receive… For sacramental use only.” I then reached in and pulled out a dandy bottle of Merlot… Wow… God is good. So are Marnie and Bill…

Now if only someone would show up with a couple airline tickets to Kona! ;o)

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