Prayer, Plain and Simple

Let’s pray for Christians in Malaysia. In the last two days Muslims in this Islamic nation have turned violent, firebombing four Christian churches following a court decision that allows Christians to translate the word for God as Allah.

“Allah is only for us,” said a poster waved at one of the protests stated in mosques throughout the county on Friday, the Muslim holy day. Many Muslims are angry about a Dec. 31 High Court decision overturning a government ban on Roman Catholics’ using “Allah” for God in the Malay-language edition of their main newspaper, the Herald.

So what is God’s name? Is The Christian God the same as Allah, the God of Muslims? This is a complicated and contentious question on both sides. But arguments aside, we should pray for the peace of Malaysia and for the safety of Christians there.

“God, we pray today for peace in Malaysia. Keep Christians safe in this place. Extinguish the violent and angry spirit there. You know your own name, and you have revealed – by relaying that name – the most intimate details of your essence. Do this in a new way in Malaysia. Bring miraculous peace and a resolve to the Christians there to love you through their fear and danger. In Jesus’ name, the very name of God!”  

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