Prayer, Plain and Simple

Brit Hume is still catching Hell for his public comments that Tiger Woods should consider converting to Christianity from Buddhism. Hume implies that Woods’ belief in an impersonal “Force” running the Universe leaves him no room for redemption. If Karma is all and in all, then atonement short of our own efforts is impossible. And who after all can atone for such major public screw ups as Woods’ has displayed?


I’m sympathetic of Tiger Woods because I too have screwed up in my life as well. No, I haven’t cheated on my (equally gorgeous) wife. This is not a public confession of that stripe. But I’ve hurt her seriously on other ways, with my words and my not so subtle arts of manipulation. I’ve found ways to get my way. And more than once I’ve needed to seek forgiveness and pardon and healing. If I were ever left on my own to find reconciliation, our marriage would have ended long ago. I’ve needed help. I’ve needed God… And I’ve found him.  


I’ve written about the healing Jill and I have experienced in my latest book, “The Karma of Jesus.” The story is in Chapter 7, for those interested. Tomorrow I’ll post a portion of that story. Yes Tiger, there is redemption, but it won’t come through drumming up your own Karma. It will only come through seeking help from the outside…

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