Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Advent Prayer: Welcoming Grace

posted by nsymmonds

By Claudia Mair Burney
Thursday, the first week of Advent

“In those days Mary set out and went with haste to a Judean town in the hill country where she entered the house of Zechariah, and greeted Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the child leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit…” Luke 1:39-41, NRSV

This is such a startling moment. Elizabeth had waited a lifetime, living righteous before God and blameless, yet she bore the shame of being barren until she received the promise of a miraculous birth, around the same time Mary did. Mary’s visit set a number of wonderful actions in motion, beginning with Elizabeth’s immediate recognition that Mary was indeed, full of grace. How often does God actions come to our homes? Will we recognize His work and praise God, or will we simply miss Him, once again, not seeing the holy in the wholly ordinary.

Generous Father,
When your grace comes to me in such a personal way, do I recognize that it is You? Or do I go on doing things the same way I always do, or seeing things the same way I always see them, without Your knowledge and insight? Will you please help me, kind Father, to know when You indeed, have come to visit me. And may I rejoice as Elizabeth did, at my marvelous fortune, saying,
“Come, Lord Jesus.”

  • Your Name

    Getting the preparation to receive our precious Jesus in our hearts and all areas of our lives requires too many resistance of the devils work.When we surrender all that’s when we will experience Victory over His name.My prayer,O heavenly Father,when i decided to receive Jesus your son as my Lord and savior,i have declared that i have Victory in His name.I thank you Father for all the blessings that i receive may it in the form of my good health,having good friends and good job,in the midst of these blessings,i know that i am able to recognize your presence into my life for you are good,all the time,and all the time,you are good,my heavenly Father,thank you and i love you.Amen

  • Your Name

    In the past month my health has been a trial.Getting over a leg wound,now experiencing a hip dislocation.And prayfully,with tests due
    on Friday,with a biopsy,it won’t reveal Cancer.Thank you for your prayers.
    In His name,

  • Glory

    God bless all the men and women in our Armed forces for their
    work,and sharing the bible with those who need it.They may be Muslin,
    but prayers work miracles with everyone.Glory

  • Your Name

    My family and I like to always enjoy a good Thangsgiving, Christmas and New Year. Right? Good! I want to mention to the public that ever since this “Dec. 21, 2012 end of world” talk came on the airwaves, we have been getting phonecalls at two and three in the morning from people in churches downtown and in the area of Langley Park saying “our organizations are offering a $500 bonus check for anybody that can join us in worshipping and praising president Barack Obama because by 2012, he will be a Muslim God and American Prophet. We need the public’s help in doing so” and this is happening more and more due to this epidemiological paradigm. We don’t know as to what to do except to treat this as a prankster call. Our neighbors are getting these calls too as they told us this morning before we went to church and after we came back home this afternoon. Anyway, what is your take on this issue? I am curious to know. I still thank you for your service with Beliefnet!

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