Prayer, Plain and Simple

The holiday season brings with it its fair share of expectation, but sometimes with expectation comes the inability to wait patiently for a thing to happen. Some of us are working toward the respite of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and we say, “I can’t wait to board that plane, train or automobile to see my family and friends.” Some of us are looking toward the season of Advent where we will spend some 24 days looking forward to the birth of Christ and we say, “I can’t wait for that joyous occasion.” Some of us are looking forward to Christmas day where will get to celebrate the birth of Christ and for some reason get gifts to commemorate the occasion and we say, “I can’t wait to see what I will get/I can’t to see if they’ll like what I give.” I am definitely a combination of all of those people and more. There is alot I can’t wait for, literally and figuratively. But, I know that patience is absolutely necessary. It’s not just necessary, it is a fruit of the spirit that should be manifest in each of us. So today’s prayer is for patience.

Heavenly Father,

I thank you heavenly father for always being patient with us. Though we may turn our backs on you a thousand times, when we turn back around you are waiting for us, patiently. As we navigate this season I pray that you would give us all the patience to wait for those things which you have for us. It is tempting to say what we can’t wait for and sometimes go after those things, but you let us know in your word that they that wait upon you shall renew their strength. Renew our strength so that we may wait on you and be patient. All good things will come to us in your perfect time, we only need the patience to keep holding on to you. Give us patience to wait for your good and perfect blessings. Give us patience to wait for our rest. Give us patience to look forward to the season ahead of us and remember that Thanksgiving is no one day to look forward, but it is everyday that we are alive that we celebrate it. We give thanks for all that you have done for us on this day and the ones past and we patiently await our future. In Jesus’, Amen  


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