Prayer, Plain and Simple

Every day our family prays for the turbulent situation in Zimbabwe. We’ve never been there ourselves, and we don’t know any Zimbabweans personally. And yes, there are crises all over the world, some perhaps even worse than the plights facing this African nation. The difference for us is our 19 year old daughter. She and her team of health care workers have been in Zimbabwe for three weeks, working in schools and small rural clinics.  Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.” How poignantly true! We have no greater treasure than our precious daughter. And now that her heart, soul, mind and strength is invested in Zimbabwe, so is ours.

The news is dire from this beautiful nation filled with amazingly buoyant people. Once called the “bread basket of Africa,” it has recently suffered waves of famine, epidemics of cholera, and of course the heartbreaking blight of AIDS. The political situation in Zimbabwe is also volatile, with tensions rising between different governmental factions.

Taken together, these troubles seem to be far beyond any human situation. Good people – Zimbabweans as well as internationals – are doing good work there. And yes, God uses his people to provide opportunities for him to do miracles in the lives of individuals and nations. But in the end true healing and restoration requires miracles! And miracles are sparked from prayer.

Yes, we can pray for crises in the Congo, in Somalia, in Afghanistan, and in 100 other points of concern in the world. Today, I’d like to muster prayer for Zimbabwe. Join me.

“God, today we join our voices and our faith to pray for the African nation of Zimbabwe. You have a destiny for this wonderful part of your world, and for the beautiful people who steward it. We thank you for the work that you are already doing there. We ask that you would build on this. Bless the schools working with children. Bless the medical clinics that bring healing and knowledge of health. Bless those working to bring peace between the many, often competing elements in the government. Lord, you know what you intend for Zimbabwe and her people. Put in place whatever will bring that destiny to light. We pray this in Jesus…”

If you have a personal connection to a nation in crisis, add that request below. As your read these requests, offer a prayer for God’s involvement. He is a God of justice and peace, healing and rescue.     

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