Prayer, Plain and Simple

Sweetest Day, 2009 is October 17. It’s celebrated each year on the third Saturday of October. Sweetest Day originated in Cleveland, Ohio in 1922 when Herbert Birch Kingston a candy store employee organized a group of people who packaged small gifts for the homeless, orphans, and others in dire straits. Today the “holiday” which is most ardently practiced in the Great Lakes and Northeast involves presenting small gifts to family and friends.

Given the financial crises in which many now find themselves, perhaps this would be a good year to revive the original intent and bring some “sweetness” to the bitter pill of unemployment, debt, foreclosures and bankruptcy epidemic in our land. A foodbasket, a new pair of shoes, a Target giftcard… The needs are huge; the opportunities are limitless.

“God, you are the provider of all good and perfect gifts. You promise too that you will supply all our needs, that we can pray for our ‘daily bread’ and know you will answer. Often, Lord, you answer these prayers through the hands of your children. As we pray for those in financial need today, bring to our minds anyone you would like us to bless in a tangible way. If you be a blessing as we pray this blessing, let it happen! We know that you say, ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good!’ If we can offer a sweet opportunity of someone in need to taste that sweetness, we’re willing. We pray in Jesus…”

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