Prayer, Plain and Simple

Congratulations to U.S. President Barak Obama for winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.  Jesus said that peacemakers are blessed. Today we pray a blessing for President Obama and all the efforts of all government leaders around the world who seek genuine peace. 


We also recognize the world is filled with individuals – sometimes in leadership positions – who do not seek peace. For all our efforts, our human efforts, you admit that true and lasting peace is only a gift from God. The Bible urges us to seek and work for peace and justice, but it also warns us that our own efforts apart from the power and leading of God himself will inevitably fail.


We honor the efforts of those who seek to make peace.  We also pray and invite the hand of God to bring the miracle of peace above and beyond our efforts.  Peace as a Biblical concept means more than a lack of conflict. The Hebrew word “shalom” translated “peace” actually means wholeness and completeness, a state where nothing is missing and nothing is broken.  Only God can make and bring “shalom.” Individuals may be awarded a peace prize for noble efforts; only God can truly deliver the goods.

“God we thank you for those in leadership positions who seek peace.  The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders whether or not we agree politically with their means.  We pray today for U.S. President Barak Obama.  We pray also for the supernatural imposition of genuine peace, that you would make shalom a reality as you promise us you will when we ask.  In Jesus name…”


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