Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Obama and The Nobel Peace Prize 2009 – A Prayer for True Peace

Congratulations to U.S. President Barak Obama for winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.  Jesus said that peacemakers are blessed. Today we pray a blessing for President Obama and all the efforts of all government leaders around the world who seek genuine peace. 


We also recognize the world is filled with individuals – sometimes in leadership positions – who do not seek peace. For all our efforts, our human efforts, you admit that true and lasting peace is only a gift from God. The Bible urges us to seek and work for peace and justice, but it also warns us that our own efforts apart from the power and leading of God himself will inevitably fail.



We honor the efforts of those who seek to make peace.  We also pray and invite the hand of God to bring the miracle of peace above and beyond our efforts.  Peace as a Biblical concept means more than a lack of conflict. The Hebrew word “shalom” translated “peace” actually means wholeness and completeness, a state where nothing is missing and nothing is broken.  Only God can make and bring “shalom.” Individuals may be awarded a peace prize for noble efforts; only God can truly deliver the goods.

“God we thank you for those in leadership positions who seek peace.  The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders whether or not we agree politically with their means.  We pray today for U.S. President Barak Obama.  We pray also for the supernatural imposition of genuine peace, that you would make shalom a reality as you promise us you will when we ask.  In Jesus name…”


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  • Emelie

    After conceding your sincerity in offering up this prayer, shouldn’t we also pray that the President display common sense and actually decline the award?
    Whatever one thinks of President Obama’s intentions — or of his promise — the award is premature. It subjects Obama to ridicule not to mention the silly Norwegians. Consider that the deadline for submitting nominations to the Nobel Committee was February 1st — only 10 days after President Obama took office. What were his ACTUAL accomplishments then (February 1) or now (October 9)? Not much.
    The smart thing for Obama would be to save the situation — and save himself from embarassment — by charitably thanking the Nobel Committee for their generous impulse but suggesting that others are more deserving of the award.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    My point is not to comment pro or con on worthiness. I’m suggesting that any recognition of any human agent of peace should be wrapped in a prayerful recognition that Jesus alone is the “Prince of Peace” and peace as a real human condition can ONLY come from him… “Apart from me you can do nothing,” he says. Humility is called for no matter who gets this prize…

  • EastCoastCommentator

    The president deserves congratulations on the award and we should pray for our leaders.
    Additionally, we are to be subject to our rulers.
    Titus 3
    Remind them to be subject to rulers, to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good deed, to malign no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing every consideration for all men.
    We should also pray that our rulers seek God, His wisdom and guidance. This may begin with praying for their salvation, finding a good church to attend, and recognizing God Almighty as his Creator.
    Those who know Jesus, recognize His voice and follow Him.
    Deuteronomy 13:4 (NASB)
    ” You shall follow the LORD your God and fear Him; and you shall keep His commandments, listen to His voice, serve Him, and cling to Him.
    John 10:27 (NASB)
    “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me;

  • Leslie


  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    I would like to commend the President Obama for all of his Peace making Efforts and all that he has done to make the USA a better place to live so far, so good! I AS A NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN IN PORTLAND OREGON SUPPORT YOU IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO AND WILL DO! Thanks for everything and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS!

  • shirley henderson


  • John Baca

    Wake up to reality, we are in the last days & Obama winning this prize is a good indication of where our country is headed. God Bless us all. Its sad that people don’t see his real agenda.



  • Joan K.

    God bless Our president every moment of every day as he must go forward into all situations and slights. His job is so enormous, it boggles the mind. We must pray for our leaders constantly and daily.Joan K.

  • Geri C

    To God be praised for our President Barrack Obama and his family. We shall continue to pray for him and his cabinet, that God would give them direction and strength to do the right thing. Congradulations Mr. President, you make our country proud.

  • SuzanneWA

    I firmly believe that the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama, after only ELEVEN days in office, carries with it an agenda from those who awarded the prize. What President, after only a little over a WEEK, could/should be eligible for a Nobel?? To say I was shocked, was an understatement. Our so-called “allies” have been treated abysmally by Mr. Obama; perhaps this is some sort of a private joke from the people in Norway – one can only hope so. The way I see it, this will only encourage our President to seek “diplomacy and rhetoric” towards our enemies, including, but not limited, to radical Islam. The world is now going to see how Mr. Obama wlll proceed from here on, in the war in Afghanistan, a second stimulus, government health care, and the missile defense system. I can only HOPE that our President will NOT get a swelled head, and start believing he’s some kind of annointed messiah when it comes to world peace.

  • Joyce Young

    Just one word = Congratulations

  • Biancaj

    I am always thinking I want peace in the world . Will that give me the Nobel Peace prize? After all Im hoping I can bring peace> What about Dr Martin Luther King Jr? Didnt he deserve a Nobel Peace Prze? Why didnt he get one? I think what he did, didnt just serve the US but he made strides for all people of color in the world. Sr King actually DID something. What you hope to do is NOT the same as doing it. Unless you feel that President Obama deservex iy just because the American people voted for a man of color(who by the way is half white)but then its the American people that voted for him should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize!!

  • Paula

    This is in answer to Biancaj’s comment regarding Martin Luther King and wondering why he wasn’t awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
    Dr. Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.
    As to implying that President Obama only hopes and thinks about peace in the world, well that is just plain silly. Not only has he worked toward it since taking office, but polls of the attitudes toward America since he has been President, taken among industrialized and developing countries show that their opinion of America has gone in some from as low as 10% favorable to 98% favorable. Building a coalition of countries willing to work together toward peace is certainly a major accomplishment.
    I find myself deeply saddened by the hateful and negative vitriol I have read and heard on this subject, and to come here to a discussion on prayer for our President and read such negativity is troubling indeed.
    The energy being spent on hate and negativity could be spend on energetic prayers for peace and prayers for the President of the United States, who is capable of accomplishing much toward achieving it.

  • Sandra

    Congratlations President for all you do and are doing to make this nation better.God has your back and front.THANKS BE TO GOD TO SEND SUCH A CARING MAN TO LEAD THIS WORLD.

  • R.M.

    It is good that we have a president that cares for our civil liberty and welfare. I am thankful that we have a democracy that gives us some utopia rather than some egalitarian hodgepodge like we had from the previous president.

  • Your Name

    We should also pray that the President realize that many babies will not be here to enjoy that peace if it ever comes, because of his signing the partial birth abortion bill. Everyone must ask themselves if they would fight for or against slavery, holocaust, genocide and/or abortion. Remember that with slavery and concentration camps there were survivors, with genocide and abortion there are no survivors. Where does everyone who reads this stand on those issues and where does the President stand on these issues? Also if you have never watched an abortion take place go to and see one, there are many to chose from. As for those who do not agree with capital punishment, did you know that women are now being asked if they want an injection to kill their baby before it is aborted so they won’t feel the pain? Amazing my letters were jkkkzu kkk everyone knows what kkk stands for I wonder what the letters will be for all who supported abortion. stands for

  • Deborah

    Your comments are definitely on point. I could not agree with you more. Negativity on this site about prayer is a waste of energy. Amen and Amen!
    Deb ^j^

  • Gloria

    Dr. Martin Luther King did receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
    I am pleased and believe that President Obama received the Nobel Peace prize on time and for more reasons beyond any of us. He has done more and achieved much in a short period of time. It is more than hunger strikes, years of strife etc that makes an individual or group nobel prize winners and I am glad that he received it and deservingly so.

  • adele

    This blog today is purely political and filled with liberal bias…there is no need for any commentary on a site such as this on the awarding of the Nobel prize..especially such a controversial and undeserved award. The reason for the existence of this website is the polar opposite of worldly awards ..especially politically motivated ones such as the Nobel has become. Remember you cannot place your
    trust in the Princes of this world the psalms continually remind us.
    Yes we pray for our world’s leaders but we do not idolize them. When this President was nominated for this award he had not completed a month in office but he had completed his promise to rescind the Mexico City Policy assuring millions more murders of the un-born, his first act as President of the United States. One wonders “Is
    this the mark of a man bent on bringing peace and justice to the world?” Apparently the Norwegian five think so!

  • Your Name

    Peace can be made from each and every one of us. It’s time to stop the negativity and pray for our Leader, the President to use the wisdom of God our Creator to keep our world whole. We are all sinners, and we have a choice to be either good or evil. Why are some people being so hard on our leaders. The world is full of terrible behavior. We need to stop being anti and be for the good of our country. Let the world see support instead of constant the opposite.

  • margie

    Please pray for the ladies in the church, there is so much hurt and anger. because of rumors that were said and things that I said , she said, you said and so on…. but what hurts the more is that they refuse to ask for forgiveness…..they dont’ want too they are stubborn and think that they are better and too good to ask each other for forgiveness.
    I have done all I can to help it make it easier, using scripture after scripture. now I am leaving it in Gods hands and let it be his will to do what he wants to do with them….. please pray for peace and love among each other. they are a good group of ladies, so please pray.
    sister asking for prayer.

  • adele

    When did this website ever ask for prayers for a specific political
    leader before? In general that is acceptable but this is so controversial it
    is bound to be divisive. I pray… for the conversion of this President whose ideas/goals I do not perceive as being for the good of the country or the world…he speaks falsely …his actions do NOT match
    his rhetoric. I refuse to be labeled by some here as being unforgiving, un-Christian because I wish to see his plans/goals fail
    The country is on the wrong path with Obama as leader…thus my prayers are for a change in heart of this socialistic administration.
    Obviously others here feel differently. Do you really this this a good blogsubject or appropriate for this website? If this is a trend
    I will un-subscribe NOW!

  • elyse

    This is the first time I have read the responses/comments posted on this website. The anger and animosity that I feel from several of the posts is disturbing. I’m not saying that we all have to agree with one another; however, we should respect the right of each other to voice his/her opinions. This should not be a “tear down” site, but rather a “building up”. No one is always going to be right! I trust that those that subscribe and read this are believers; if that isn’t the case, let us pray for salvation and revival. To God be the Glory!

  • Your Name

    I am praying ,as i have been, for all of the people in this great country of ours ,to join together, and bring our country back together, It does not matter about politics, what matters is the future of this country ,and the children that will one day govern it, do we want them to grow up to be haters, or the best they can be ,If you do not want them to have a terrible world ,lets pray that God gives us the strength and compassion to change things ,Please let us all pray for this!!!!

  • Stella

    It’s amazing to me the number of devils out there that truly believe they are Christians. God is a God of love and peace, yet so many of you have hate in your hearts.
    Those of you who think with your devil hearts that you will meet our savior are lacking all of our Father’s goodness and mercy.
    Remember we all have to die. You have to justify how you have lived to him.

  • Your Name

    This prize is a political warm fuzzy for a new President who happens to be more for peace than war. I think he has his work cut out for the country. He is different than what we’ve ever had, but certainly a smart man. Remember though that “we the People” are supposed to come together and legislate ourselves. It is that power that is our responsibility to empower. It is important that all of our voices be heard. I hope that the present administration can get us through this present mess we find ourselves.

  • Patricia Ann Pierre

    May God in his goodness continue to bless President Obama as he moves on from strength-to-strength. He is well and truly deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize 2009. May God also bless his lovely lovely, children and the entire extended famly.

  • Patricia ann Pierre

    May God in his goodness continue to bless President Obama as he moves on from strength-to-strength. He is well and truly deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize 2009. May God also bless his lovely wfe, children and the entire extended famly.

  • Patricia Ann Pierre

    May God in his goodness continue to bless President Obama as he moves on from strength-to-strength. He is well and truly deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize 2009. May God also bless his lovely wife, children and the entire extended famly.

  • Kim

    God Bless America and all people across the globe. We may never know the reason things are happening as they do while we are here on this earth. I believe our job whether we see things as we would like or not is to practice peace in all that we do.8 Spread peace and peace shall be with you. God bless all and God Bless President Barack Obama.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Adele, I could not agree with you more that we are not to idolize world leaders. If you will read carefully – between the lines – of my post I believe you will see that here. I am NOT making a comment one way or the other on the validity of the award. I am simply saying that NO human can be a true prince of peace. Only God brings it. We can acknowledge the award and then move on to the real truth – that we need to pray for peace because God alone, not a panel in Europe or a mortal man in the White House can deliver…

  • sharron

    President Obama is a Good President!. He deserved the Noble Peace Prize, May the Lord Guide and Direct Him.

  • Your Name

    PRAISE GOD ,PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD.THE PRESIDENT IS GOD,S CHOSEN.GOD annoints,whom he appoints.we are one nation under GOD.THE EARTH IS THE LORD,S and the fulness thereof,ps.24

  • Patsy Elders

    I am so proud of our President! I finally have hope that the world will start coming together. It is such a change from 8 years of the world hating us and all we could do is go to war! Now we have a man who is willing to sit down and talk peace! That is what Jesus would do. There are so many that hate him for the color of his skin, but it only shows the ignorance, for they hated Jesus as well and he was dark complected. We need to pray for our world and all mankind. We are given the opportunity to be here by God and we should respect his home and all of his children!!!
    I love you world!

  • Your Name

    First a degree of intellectual honesty is required in a proper prayer and not the spin of politics.
    The Nobel awarded for things undone is a travesty to those who recieved the honor legitimately through hard work and accomplishments.
    Perhaps a nobel wish list is what the award should be?
    Pray then if you must for forgiveness of a politician who’s first act in office was more pro abortion. If you are a Christian pray for the right and safety of the unborn and not be impressed by the ego and undeserved award that the politics of the Nobel prize has given.

  • http://3 Mildred

    If he who is among you is without sin, please cast the first stone. Most of you sinners are casting stone and it clearly states that you should be ‘sin free.’ Now this is why several people are moving away from Christianity because they can be devils without a title or a boss. Leave the President alone, he has too much to deal with. He is doing a great job. You forgot who to praise God or Satan. Satan already ruled the last 8 years.

  • Rhoda M B

    President Barack Obama has earnestly and honestly been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. God appointed him and so no weapon shall ever prosper against him. Those in society who can’t seem to embrace the idea or the brilliance and integrity and compassion that this man exhibits, need to simply exit stage right! Get over it! Obama is God-appointed and he will not be going anywhere soon…not until the purpose o God has been completed.The world is counting on you President Obama, but most o all….God is counting on you!

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