Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

A Prayer for Domestic Violence

Shocked, sickened, grieved….

At the moment I’m sitting in my Caribou Coffee shop trying to collect myself. I come here most Monday mornings, and over the months have struck up friendships with several regulars. Five minutes ago Gayle, who works behind the counter walked over to me and pointed to the front page of Friday’s St. Paul Pioneer Press. I’d read the article over the weekend but the name and face hadn’t registered. “Do you recognize her?” she asked me. I paused and looked at the pictures of Pamela Taschuk and Allen Taschuk beside the headline, “Lino Lakes man kills his wife, then himself.” “She comes in here all the time, and talks and laughs with that group of retired guys who always sit around the fireplace. Can you believe it?” she said, shaking her head. Suddenly, the woman’s face looked vividly familiar to me; the tragedy hit home. “God, help her son, Gayle mumbled as she walked back to pour another cup of coffee for the next person in line.


I read the article again, this time with a sickened heart and far more focus. The report said that Pamela Taschuk had recently complained to officials that she feared her husband who had a violent history might kill her. “Allen is like the guys in the stories you (hear) where the wife leaves the husband and then he kills her,” Pamela Taschuk told police the day she filed for divorce. On Thursday last week, she stopped by the Anoka County attorney’s office to check on the legal case against her husband. Later that evening, she attended a support group for domestic-abuse victims and within two hours of arriving home was dead. The Taschuks leave behind a sixteen year old son.


I’m prompted to pray – for this grieving and confused young man, for their extended family and friends, and then for all the women suffering in similar situations. Domestic violence is epidemic. Let’s join together now and ask for the tempering peace of God to intervene – at this moment – in the thousands of individual relationships poisoned by the threats and fears of violence. Please join me in this prayer. If you know of someone personally who needs God’s saving hand, add your own words below…  


“God of peace, there are many places and many people who do not experience your peace. Right now there are many, many women and children who live under the dark weight of the fear of violence right in their own homes. We pray for your protection, and for wisdom for friends and officials to help bring that right protection to them. We pray for the many men who themselves feel powerless and confused about their relationships. We ask that you would help them find healthy ways to work out their frustrations and to find hope without resorting to destructive impulses. God, work in our country to stem this epidemic. We ask for your perfect peace…”

  • Vincent Brown

    I reach out to the chritian saints against this evil spirit of arguing and domestic violence seeking to destroy my home and family.We thank you.

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  • virgen maria barta


  • Regina Maspero

    I have this fear and have not left because if it in 11 years. God grant me strength.

    • Allison

      My heart and prayers are with you. I took my two toddler sons and left my husband a few months ago after a violent encounter. My boys witnessed the entire event. I have so much guilt and shame that they were exposed to such a terrifying ordeal, but I’m so grateful that The Lord got the 3 of us out and to a safe place. I pray the God will present an opportunity where you have a safe window of opportunity to get out. My heart aches for you , and I will keep you in my prayers. May God watch over you and keep you safe always.

      With love in Christ,

    • Allison

      Hi Regina,
      I just wanted you to know you’ve been weighing heavily on my heart and mind. I pray that today you are full of hope, strength, and surrounded by the light of The Lord. Remember that you are strong, and our abusers want us to feel weak and helpless. Please know that someone out here cares and you are not alone.

      Peace for you

  • Crystal

    I have this fear every single day. After 6yrs and not even married I have such a big heart and can’t bring myself to leave him. I love him with all my heart. He takes everything out on me. But its all my fault. Please help me pray he will stop please

    • Abigail Marie Bolling

      The first thing you need to remember is that not everything is your fault. I know that it is hard to remember if he is screaming harsh words at you.
      I know that it is a lot easier said than done, but you are a strong woman. even if you don’t feel like it right now. keep being strong for yourself. you will find another man who will love you and take care of you the way you deserve. My x made it a daily reminder to me that no one else would love me and that I would never amount to anything… Well, it took work, but I’m back in school with an amazing boyfriend who listens to me, holds me, and helps me build myself up. Yes, he will tell me to chill out if I am getting too emotional about something, but he also understands that sometimes, we just need to cry or scream it out!
      You will find a man like that. I know it seems impossible, but it is true. there are men who will treat you like the amazing human that you are.

  • Car

    Ladies, if you need help, please call toll free to 1-877-733-1990 now. This is an organization in SE Indiana, but will help anyone who calls. They can help you plan your next steps and get you the help you need. You do not need to stay in an abusive relationship! Lots of prayers will be sent up for you all!

  • Katie

    I have been in a increasing abuseive marriage for almost 14 years. I left once for 18 days with our two beatfuil Childern a few months ago to live in a homeless shealher. I can back because he told me he had found Christ, it almost killed me the day the judge order his ankle bracelet off and I signed paper work to drop all DV charges it was like a light scwith he started abusing me and the kids that very day but now it’s way worse he walks around saying me and the kids are not allow to go to church, listen to ,Klove radio, talk about or believe in our God!! It’s killing me and the kids. I’m in desperate need of prayer for me in the kids to find a safe way out. I know now this is wrong and I’m not crazy or mental ill like he has try to tell me, the Childern and anyone the will listen to him. I’m so scared and need God and help so badly before I’m no longer here to defend my little babies. Thank you and may God bless you all who suffer.

    • MarkandJill

      God, we cry out to you to hide Katie and her children in a safe place today! Free them from their imprisonment, Lord! Lead Katie to the right number to call immediately, to the right organization or individual or neighbor in her city! Let her know that her life can be blessed once more! Protect her as she escapes, Father….

      “Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
      will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
      This I declare about the Lord:
      He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;
      he is my God, and I trust him.” (Psalm 91)

  • Robin

    I am in an emotionally and physical relationship. I am scared to death to leave because he will find me and this time kill me. My boyfriend of 11 years started accusing me of cheating on him last year. He was secretly recording my apartment and says he hears me sleeping around, being raped and even beaten by someone else. He belittles me and my sons. He looks through my emails, bank accounts and personal belongings. He is living in my apartment and refuses to leave. He said I have to stay with him and better follow his rules. I am scared and do not know what to do or where to turn.

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