Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

“Just Enough, Just in Time” Prayer for Provision

You may know, and even frequently say the words in Jesus’ Lord’s Prayer, “Give us today our daily bread.” Here Jesus invites us to ask God, our Father to meet our immediate need for provision.  Jesus is referring to an Old Testament story.  When the Hebrews (Jews) were rescued from Egypt God provided miraculous food for them every day of their journey.  He gave them enough, but not more than enough.  If they tried to collect and save more for tomorrow, the food would go rancid.  God was teaching them to trust him for every day.  Jesus challenges us to pray and trust God and the same way.  He tells us that we should not worry about tomorrow and instead focus our faith on the moment.


This challenge is just as relevant for us as it was for those hearings Jesus speak in person.  It’s tempting when we’re facing a challenge like unemployment to think of the big picture and stress about not only today, but tomorrow, next month and next year.  Jesus promises that today’s need will be met.  And when tomorrow becomes another today, that day too will be supplied as well.

“Father God, you promise to meet today’s obligations.  Okay, we’ll hold you to that! We pray that you would fulfill your word in this situation.  Provide food, finances, shelter, support and whatever else today demands.  Give us faith to look here and now in to resist trying to solve tomorrow’s problems ourselves. We know you may (probably will) work in a surprising and creative way, and it may not be what we expect.  Give us the eye is to see your surprising solutions.  Again, we trust you to keep your promises.  Give us today what we need today; we’ll  trust that tomorrow will bring another miracle.”

How has God met your need for provision today?  Tell your story!  What do you need today?  Share your request and we will join you in prayer, believing that God will answer!

  • A fellow believer

    I am sitting here in awe at the amazing coincidence of this post. God has been speaking to me about this very issue…”give us this day our daily bread.” My husband recently lost full-time employment for the 2nd time this summer. Hours have been cut back, and we are expecting to hear any day now that he no longer has a job. With 2 small children, and another on the way, praying the Lord’s prayer everyday has been more out of desperation and necessity than anything else. I truly believe now more than ever God is going to use all of this for good, but it is often hard to stay in the moment rather than worrying about the future. God will provide. And today He has. I look forward to what He has in store for tomorrow.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Trusting God is never just a matter of abstract theology, and certainly in your case it’s a down to earth, real life, matter of fact necessity. The wonderful thing is, God doesn’t go in for abstract theology. He loves to be known for what he does and what he says. What he says is that he promises to take care of us; what he does is deliver. He’s proving this, and you aren’t knowing him for who he is through the process. Our prayers are with you, that you will know God as provider for your family and that today you will once again see him. Just today! Let us know how the story develops. We’re standing with you in prayer.

  • Your Name

    I have lived my life trusting in him and have 3 grown children and sometimes it is worrysome in raising children. But i have found that worring does not do anything but let the devil in. I found myself saying the lords prayer even as i was still asleap in the morning trying to wake , he had so put on my heart so heavy that i was to say it every day and for some reason i was saying it in my sleep , i do not know why i just did what he said, and all my needs were met and are still being met and i have been able to be a blessing to some of my other family that has not been so fortunate.Praise him who provides for he will never forsake you. He says if he will provide for the birds of the air how much more do you think he will for you.You are the sons and daughters of the most high).
    Just to note for his glory.
    there has been times when satan has come against me in the things that the father above would have me be doing and i have set back and let him deal with it and remove that obsticle , and he did everytime without any help from me, so you see he does not need us to help him , just relax and know he is very capable of full filling his covanant with us. We just tend to let satan come in every once in a while and try it ourselves and we mess it all up for what the father and his angles are preparing for the glory of his work so lets keep praying and you will see just what i have seen and let it all be to the glory of his Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit. For there is none no not one like him in all the earth or heaven above that loves us the way he does.
    my prayer is to here the heavenly songs that we will produce when we live with him in heaven above and have a changed body mind and be in spirit with him everyday. (OH HOW I LOVE HIM FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE)

  • cindy

    Christ is our rock and he will save you with grace and light. Walk in his ways and be a living testimony to his forgiveness. You are in preparation for greater thing that await you in His Kingdom in heaven. Rejoice!

  • Your Name

    We desperately need prayer to get my granddaughter back from her abusive father. Please Pray for my granddaughter and daughter. Thank you

  • http://beleive darrell john smith

    god is life gods special gift of faith given to all who except and beleive is a true promise i beleive since i have grace of his word and through his work his son jesus christ made known to us,when all else fails he stands by his promise and word praise the lord life is the most precious gift he has bestowed upon us amen

  • Spiritual

    The Lord always delivers, it is you who may not always be ready to receive.

  • Spiritual

    Never doubt nor question if the Lord will deliver. It is written and true

  • Diana

    Thank you for hearing my prayer and the prayers of all people who have children. Return to Righteous living and live a life full of grace and truth.
    I do believe and may others do too.

  • pandora

    You had some nice points here. I done a research on the topic and got most peoples will agree with you

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