Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Praying for Money – an Act of Worship

Gold coins.jpg“Money is the root of all evil…” Right? Actually no. The famous cliché that comes from the Bible, in I Timothy 6:10, says “The love of money is the root of all evil…” There’s a big difference. It’s not the stuff itself that poisons, but elevating it to the level of first-priority and first passion in our lives.

Jesus has a lot to say about money. He actually speaks more about our management of resources than he does about prayer or the Law. Really? Really.


A young man once came to Jesus asking what he needed to do to make his life perfect. Jesus looked at him and told him to sell everything he had and give it to the poor, then come follow him. The man turned and walked away. He was wealthy and couldn’t let go. It wasn’t the money itself that had to be dumped, but the love of the money, the dependence the man had built around it as a security for his life. Money, not God was sovereign for him.

We don’t have to rich to put money in a position of power in our lives. Sometimes not having money creates greater passion for the stuff than having it. Money represents for us the essence of our life purposes, the substance we exchange for our time, energy, and gifts. Money therefore can stand in for the essence or “juice” of our soul. We can give it that level of priority whether or not we have a lot of it.


So when we pray for provision – for a job or our debts or for the resources to pay our bills or send our kids to college or fund our retirement – we’re setting things in right order. We’re making God, God in our lives, and relegating money to a secondary, practical position. This is why it’s not only okay, but thoroughly good and healthy to pray for resources. Jesus tells us to do this because he’s very, very practical and he knows that God is our source, not money (which we do need). Praying for resources is a high, high form of worship. It’s setting our soul in order and putting a love for God over a love for the things God supplies.


“God, again we turn to you as the source of everything. You made it all. You still sustain it all. You made me to need things outside myself for survival. You made me dependent. I’m choosing to become dependent on you, alone. I’m choosing to lean on your and trust you and let you create the conduits of delivery in my life. I love and trust you, not money. But in my love and trust, I ask you to deliver the money I need for today’s need. I don’t need spiritual answers; I need tangible value. Thank you for your promise to be direct and practical. I ask specifically for __________ and I thank you ahead of time for bringing the answer, in your own creative way.”

  • Carmen

    Hey Now, It’s not thatI didn’t like the article but the word is so powerful to sell all that you had and follow him, do we really miss the point ? People ask for money and not wisdom , they ask for financial blessings and lack the discipline with their current resources and money and a job has truly become a priority in so many lives… The church today has money but it lacks passion and the faithfullness that comes when you have to do more with less that is just one of the ways God works with us on our faith so that when he adds the increase we don’t necessarily increase our spending but we learn how to utilize the new found resources to be a blessing and not a curse. Money does purchase so much but not my salvation and God’s favor is more prescious …

  • Sabrina

    There is nothing wrong with asking God for money. We need money to survive as far as keeping a roof over our heads, food, utilities and clothing as Paul recites for us to therewith be content. The only time asking for money becomes a problem is when selfish motives are behind it. Having a Porsche or other luxury car is not important when only a Chevy will do if you know what I mean. I’m not saying if you had the money for it that you should not treat yourself to the finer things in life. Praying for money just to keep up with the “Joneses” or to show off is a different thing altogether.

  • Sara

    Our cars have broken down at the same time. I’m disabled but willing to work and can’t without a car. My boyfriend has already missed a day of work. yes, I pray for money. I invite others to pray for us too. please, I’m not doing well and need a miracle. Thank you and God Bless

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Sara, we’ll agree with you for a miracle. God promises to take care of our needs. That provision doesn’t always come in the easiest or more predictable way, but he ALWAYS keeps that word. “God, give Sara creative ideas. Give her new energy and hope to assess and see the resources she already has and how you can multiply them…”

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Sabrina, I believe you are right. Money is only the medium of exchange. In our culture we need it to secure the stuff we need for life. But God and his resources are the real power behind what what need. We don’t trust in money as the means. It’s just a tool. Good comments here.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    I like your challenge to ask for wisdom over money… Solomon in the OT did this. God said he could have anything he asked for and instead of cashing in for cash he asked God for wisdom. God gave him that and then because he had wisdom he got everything else too… I might do a post on this idea… Good prompting!

  • Terry

    I need divine intervention, and prayers for my wife (Marylou)..and I.
    Approximately 2 years ago Marylou was diagnosed with cancer.
    She went through major surgery to have tumours removed, and many months of chemotherapy.
    The results of which were supposed to be a clean bill of health upon completion.
    Realizing how precious life is, we made the decision that I should retire early, and we would buy our dream home in another province.
    Leaving my career of 20 years, and taking out my pension, we bought a farm, and moved to a very small town in rural Manitoba, with our dogs, cats, and horses.
    “Living the dream now”.
    Many miracles in this daunting process occurred, as their were many major hurdles to overcome to make it all happen.
    It happened, as if divine intervention had intervened..and it had!!!
    We were thankful, and excited about our new life together.
    A couple of weeks before the move, we learned marylou’s cancer had spread despite the chemotherapy, and another major operation was performed, and large cancerous tumours removed…and we were advised she had 18 months to live, her cancer was terminal.
    A huge unexpected shock.
    We had allready purchased our new home, and I had terminated my employment.
    We moved despite the news..and I kept busy readying our farm, for our horses.
    Life was real tough, marylou was depressed, emotionally ditraught, and slept many many hours a day.
    I spent many hours outside in vicious cold, working trying to keep my mind busy…praying for help and direction.
    Our intention was that I find a job in my career..(law enforcement), and we would be fine financially…as now she could not work, due to her illness.
    And her ongoing chemotherapy treatments.
    I must say here too…during the move..and all the felt as though we were being “led” to our new home.
    I met our neighbour one snowy cold afternoon last winter…he invited us to his church..a “healing” church, to worship.
    I told my wife, and she attended the church.
    Being a Christian, she thoroughly enjoyed the small church, and as a result I began attending church with her.We both now are avid, thankful members of a loving, fathful family..and feel honoured.
    I applied for many jobs in my profession, and have yet to be successful..the finacial strain is becoming so overwhelming, bankruptcy may be our only hope.
    A month ago Marylou’s chemotherapy was stopped , as the cancer has spread too far..liver, abdomen, etcetera.
    There is nothing left that the doctors can do..she received a death sentence.
    We were shattered.
    But she prayed, our church prayed.
    We were baptized together, and she is testifying her and Jesus have beat the cancer.
    I TRY to believe as strongly as she.
    I watch her in pain and times..I watch her vomit from the pain..curl up in the pained fetal position.
    I have watched her suffer..forgive me God, I speak the truth..I have watched her suffer more than Christ suffered…over and over.
    After 2 years of fighting cancer, and she has done it valiantly, with faith, and has testified to her survival over and over.
    My heart is broken, my soul and spirit breaking.
    I have watched marylou fight and have faith, and pray.
    I’ve watched our security, and our finances dwindle, and now I fear our future, her health, and losing our home…in the midst of all the other traumas.
    And to God’s praise he has kept us going, month after month we have just enough to survive..miraculously!!
    So I would graciously accept any prayers and thoughts for us at this time.
    I pray for hope, and peace.
    I pray for the strength and faith to carry on!!!
    And the financial ability to do so.
    I pray for a career to support our life.
    And above all I pray for Marylou.
    I pray her suffering on this world ends.
    I pray we both survive this test, and carry on the testimonies my young wife has rtto offer Jesus, and his name.
    I pray all the glory be bestowed upon our Lord, Jesus Christ, and that his mercy and blessings reign over our life.
    And I pray whoever reads this takes the time to pray for us!
    Lord we are in your hands.

  • Teresa

    Almighty God and Lord I need your help financially today. you Know my needs as I have prayed many times. I love and thank you for what you are doing now.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Joanna Wong

    Please pray for me, to get out of my financial problem.
    I needed God’s miraculous help for my desperate and seemingly impossible cases.
    Thank you so very much.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Tina

    Please pray for me, I need help with financial problems. I pray you hear my prayer and would like to help me. 118 moss Rose, Bandera Texas 78003

    O lord I pray that you hear my prayer today, I need your help with trying to pay for medical bills and prescriptions. I pray that you will give me your guidance with this problem I am having. I gods name I pray.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment LaMontrai

    This prayer is perfect! I’m going to say this prayer each and every day. Hopefully it works.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jaame Wolfaardt

    Please pray the Lord Jesus not to make me dependant on money,but on him.May all my needs be taken care of.God willing.Thanks.

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