Prayer, Plain and Simple

Here is a prayer from my partner in prayer blogging, Mark on the flooding in Atlanta.
More rain is forecast in Georgia a day after storms there killed at least six people. Rising waters washed out roads, snarled traffic and flooded homes and businesses. For some, the heavy rains are a severe inconvenience. For others they’ve brought tragedy. In a suburb west of Atlanta, a 2-year-old child drowned after being ripped from her father’s arms by rushing floodwaters. Let’s turn our collective attention for a moment to pray for Georgia, and especially for those who are being affected by these floods. God is lord of the storm. Let’s ask him to lift his hand here and now!

“God, we ask you to protect the residents of Georgia against these floods. You’re lord of the sky, and you have power and authority to direct the weather. We ask you to ease the rains, and calm the rising water. Jesus, you once stood against a raging storm and said, “Peace, be still!” We borrow your words and say the same. Protect the people impacted there. Give them calm judgment and wisdom to make decisions for themselves and their families. For those who’ve already suffered loss, we pray for peace, comfort, and courage. We pray this believing in both your power and your goodness, in Jesus name.”
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