Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

H1N1 Prayer Vaccine

My 15 year old son has the flu: fever, aches, cough. He’s frustrated and angry – he was scheduled to play quarterback this Thursday – but he’s too physically sapped to say much.   

He’s not alone. By now we’ve all heard the hype about the H1N1 flu virus. Epidemiologists changed the name from “swine flu” after pig farmers in Iowa objected. Whatever. By any name, it’s a nasty bug that hits healthy young people hardest, harkening back to the dreaded Spanish flu that killed millions in the early 20th century. Some experts fear this pandemic could be as bad. Others say the threat is overblown. Either way, officials have raced to create an effective vaccine which they say will be available in October.


Not soon enough for our house.  H1N1 is here; and it’s real; and it hits hard.

What can we do, beyond aspirin, cold packs, lots of orange juice and calming words of encouragement?

We can pray.

This is a season to pray for health. When all else fails, and all else will, we turn to God who created our bodies and has taught us, through the life and ministry of Jesus to battle against illness and disease with our faith and with prayer.


I’ve now got skin in this game myself. Can I suggest we join the battle together, here and now. The Bible says that agreement in prayer – when we pray together in a group (Matthew 18:19) – is one of the keys to seeing God’s power released to change situations. This situation needs to change! With this forum we have the opportunity for BIG agreement – as in thousands of us praying together about the same problem.

How many out there are battling this flu virus right now, either personally or with someone in your family, or circle of friends? How many of you are anxious, even fearful about it. Let’s talk – with each other and with God – about this challenge. This is the wonder of a technology like this. We may not know each other by name or face, but in an instant we can stand together in masse!


Here’s one prayer for healing the flu…

“God you created our bodies for health. Viruses like H1N1 are distortions of your creation. As you taught us, Jesus, we ‘curse’ this virus in your name. We pray that the immune systems of all those battling this bug will rise up against this invader and defeat it. Give doctors wisdom to aid those who are sick. Give researchers and health officials capacity to produce and distribute the vaccine. We turn to you, God, our healer. We trust you. Heal us.”

Add your own prayer below. And if you are joining this call to prayer against H1N1, comment and let us know. If you know a family battling this sickness, pass along this link and let them know that thousands are praying for them. Let’s build an instant, giant wall of spiritual immunity against this assault! And let’s ask God to step in with the ultimate vaccine – his Mercy!    

  • Danny White

    Righteous Father, In Jesus name, we agree with all of your Anointed Fighters around the world who are in the middle of a fight with sickness. May your perfect will be done. AMEN

  • Mark Herringshaw

    And we are “Anointed Fighters,” brother! The wonder is that Jesus’ words in our mouths are the same as his words in his mouth. No one of us on our own has any right to defy sickness and death. But Jesus has that right and he has passed the privilege on to us in his name. We get to use his name as leverage. His “anointing” is ours! Actually, since the word “Christ” means “oiled one,” or “anointed one,” our title as Christ-ian means “little anointed one.” We have the same – from him. Fight on!

  • Buller

    I had no idea. God grant your home your healing touch along with confidence and peace. Thank you for sharing!

  • Kiki

    I join you in this prayer for healing and health in each of our homes and in the world.

  • Wanda

    Dear Precious Heavenly Father, I pray that the Blood of Jesus will keep all of your children from this dreadful sickness that is trying to disrupt our bodies, hearts, mind and soul’s….Keep us covered and protect us from this vicious enemy in Jesus name I pray…Amen

  • DeAndre

    I join you in this prayer not just for my home but for all of your childrens health and faith in you lord I know you can work miracles, great miracles so I put my prayer out there for everyone to get better give them your strength to keep going. Amen

  • Mayra

    Lord as we pray let us remember that we all sit in Your protected Hand.Keep your children safe and healthy. Amen

  • Your Name

    Oh Heavenly Father we pray that You and Thy Son Jesus will heal all that are sick with this Flu and we pray that it will leave this earth. Thank You and Praise You my Lord. Amen

  • Carmen

    I join in this prayer with my brothers and sisters. God is faithful and he would that we prosper and be in good health. Amen

  • Maureen

    I totally believe in this mass prayer for healing. I too had the Swine flu back in January of this year. I’m 44 yrs old & in reasonable health. But that flu zapped all my strength, except for prayer. I had to have someone to drive me to the ER and to my Dr’s office.But before I ever went anywhere, I called my Pastor & my church for a prayer chain for help.
    I pray every single day anyway, so I’ll also pray for a loving hedge of protection from God, in Jesus’s name to protect those who are sick as well as those who are praying, so that we all can continue to fight the good fight thru prayer.
    I’ve just recently battled with another flu-type virus from Sept 1st thru today the 16th.. This Virus had actually been present for 2 wks before going to the Dr.And since I do pray daily, I feel that Satan was seeking to take me out of the fight.This virus attacks your middle ear and your bowels at the same time.I started out by having headaches that I thought were sinus related, but plain Claritin-D and Advil would only help a little.The bad headaches would return daily & finally when severe Diarhea woke me in the middle of the night, I went to the ER.There they checked my ears, I thought my hearing loss was due to maybe wax build-up from wearing ear protection plugs at work.The ER told me that there was extreme pressure coming from the middle ear against my eardrums , no wax build-up at all.So this causes Vertigo, extremely bad headaches,dis-orientation,and over-the counter diarhea meds, will only mask the real problem.You will need a Streroid, and lots of plain bottled water (no sugary-flavored stuff). As long as a fever is present you ARE contagious.Constant handwashing and keep hand sanitizers close at hand, to help youward off the Virus or a re-infection of the same one from others.I guess Satan figured if he took out my mental capacity, I’d stop praying. So this is why I’m also praying for those who pray for the healing. Knowledge is power, and God granted me this knowledge to help others.So God’s Blessing to everyone & have a Great Day…

  • Your Name

    I pray with you all also. I want to thank Maureen especially for her contribution. I hope others read what she said because so many will not get the vaccine when it comes out, but I will as will my little family. Thanks be only to God that I have not contracted this virus yet. And I am so sorry that Mark’s son and Maureen had and have to suffer through this. I ask the Lord to please eradicate this evil and to keep us all strong and loving during this time and to help those around us, who have the virus, to make it through. Compassion,comfort and prayer is all we can offer those who need us during this time, and I offer my prayers to you all. God Bless you all.

  • Kemi

    God bless you for this prayer. I pray along with you that the Almighty God will answer our prayers and keep us and our children from swine flu and all other kinds of diseases and illness plaguing our planet. We are under the shadow of the God and we are immersed in His Blood.

  • Wolfe

    Dear Heavenly Father, Hear our humble prayers for health. Heal the one’s who are suffering from illness with your everlasting compassion and light. Take away the sickness of so many and renew their bodies with your strength. Give them hope to keep their faith strong threw this trying time. Bless all healthcare with your healing touch so that they can be a comfort to those in need. We ask this in Jesus Name, Amen

  • Pat

    The call to prayer against H1N1 stirred me to add my name to those who pray for protection from this feared infection…especially for my son who is on a ventilator and is in a severely compromised respiratory state. any infection could take him from us. Please pray for him and all those who are in danger from this threat. God bless and thank you.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    God, we pray now for Pat’s son. This is not your will. You did not create these viruses. They are aberations of your creation. We curse this infection in this boy’s body. The cells that are infected, we ask God that you eliminate them. Rise up his immune system to fight, to recognize the threat and to discriminate between healthy and unhealthy cells. Give the doctors wisdom. Open his lungs. Give him your power now! In Jesus name.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Maureen, may God give you the strength and power you need and healing that is yours in Jesus’ name!


    Abba, we are your children, keep us safe, protect us under your wing, heal us, let our earnest prayers be answered. Jesus, you have told us that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can command and they will be done. H1N1 flu be gone!

  • Bertha A. Brown

    Heavenly Father, we humbly come before your presence first with thankgiving, asking that you will heal those who are stricken with the H1N1 virus. We plead the blood of Jesus over their lives for healing and restored health. Then father as you grant them healing, also remember us as we stand together in this great battle. We pray right now for the manifestation of answered prayer for health, healing and the salvation of the lost. We aske it all according to John 14-14 “If you ask anything in my name, I will do” and John 16-23-24 “If you anything of the Father in my name he will do it”; Hitherto have you ask nothing in my name, ask and you will receive so that thy joy may be filled. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  • Bertha A. Jones-Brown

    Heavenly Father, we humbly come before your presence first with thankgiving, asking that you will heal those who are stricken with the H1N1 virus. We plead the blood of Jesus over their lives for healing and restored health. Then father as you grant them healing, also remember us as we stand together in this great battle. We pray right now for the manifestation of answered prayer for health, healing and the salvation of the lost. We aske it all according to John 14-14 “If you ask anything in my name, I will do” and John 16-23-24 “If you anything of the Father in my name he will do it”; Hitherto have you ask nothing in my name, ask and you will receive so that thy joy may be filled. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  • Your Name

    JESUS, we have all gathered together to ask you to keep all of us here and our families and friends safe from that virus, ,because you said where two or three are gathered you shall be in there midst,anything we ask in your name , will be done for us by your Father in heaven. We claim this in Jesus name Amen.

  • Nancy Roberts

    Our Father who watches over us blessed be Your Name. Protect us and have mercy over us from the H1N1 virus. Guide our health researchers and protect them as they seek out a cure for us. Praise be to Jesus that He can intercede for us and provide comfort and peace to those already stricken with illness! Please protect our young ones and those who care for the ill. Let us come humbly in Your presence and ask for relief and restoration to full health. In His Name, Amen.

  • skylark

    God, Our Father and our Help in all conflict..come to our aide and make haste to help us during this crisis of pandemic flu…heal those infected, protect the well and enhance the care-givers with your special graces purchased by the Blood of Your Lamb. In Your Name alone
    we pray healing grace be poured upon all, the sick, the well, those
    whom You have given the gift to heal..Praise and Thanksgiving to our
    merciful God..Amen

  • Lsyrenga

    Dear Heavenly Lord it is our prayer that you give me/us with the flu the strength to fight against it. Help us to make the right choices as to what we put into our bodies, what we eat and drink as we go through this busy life. And let us not forget who is in control of our lives. “No weapon formed against your children shall prosper, and this includes sickness. Thank you for answering prayers, Jesus.

  • Vi

    Wow! What an awesome group
    I join you in agreement against H1N1.
    Father God, thank you for your continued provision in our lives. We thank you for the blessings we have received & the blessings yet to come. I pray that your perfect will be done.
    I pray healing & restoration over everyone suffering from illness. I plead the blood of Jesus & his ultimate protection over us all. AMEN!
    I also request prayer for my household. I have 3 children, ALL of which have had the illness. By the grace of God, I have not been affected. But, I live with the fear of being “next”. Please pray for me, as I struggle with the anxiety & trying to bounce back from caring for 3 sick kids. Thank you & God bless

  • heather barr

    Oh, but please no aspirin for teenagers or children. Reyes syndrome is real. Use ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Thanks.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Correction noted and well taken… Thanks Heather for the good reminder. See, this is why 25,000 heads are better than one!

  • Jennifer

    I have to say for the 1st time I’m very anxious regarding this health threat. We have already seen 3 children die here in Anchorage where I live. I’m almost nine months pregnant and now currently have a cold. I’m in a near panic. I again turn to the one thing that can ease my strain that is God’s wisdom and prayer. I have this image of him holding me and walking with me through these last few days of my pregnancy;which has been a blessing from him to begin with after 3 miscarriages. I believe in the power of prayer to save all of us from this scorage.
    Dear lord and savior streghthen our bodies that we can rise up and defeat this devil amoung us, in the form of sickness.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Jennifer, first, may God give you PEACE. Rest knowing that he cares for you and your little one and loves him/her even more than you do! I’ll join your prayer: “Lord, give Jennifer peace and strength and health. Bring this baby into the world. Protect both mother and child from this virus. Put a shield of your love and power. If there is a virus (cold) attacking her now, we agree with you and curse this bug! In Jesus name…”
    Peace, be still!

  • cARINE

    Don’t worry. Do whatever you must : wash your hands often. Eat a lot of fruits that bear vitamins C to boost your system. Chberries, lemon, guayaves, take your vitamins and above all: KEEP PRAYING. Dear Lord, deliver us from the fear of this coming “thing”/ Keep th e person who has the 15 yrs old son and the whole family, kee Jennifer who is giving birth to a healthy baby. this baby will live to become one of your disciples…Keep all the other people under your wings… deliver us. without you we won’t make it thank you for your promises. In Jesus Name/ Amen Carine from Haiti

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