Prayer, Plain and Simple

My 15 year old son has the flu: fever, aches, cough. He’s frustrated and angry – he was scheduled to play quarterback this Thursday – but he’s too physically sapped to say much.   

He’s not alone. By now we’ve all heard the hype about the H1N1 flu virus. Epidemiologists changed the name from “swine flu” after pig farmers in Iowa objected. Whatever. By any name, it’s a nasty bug that hits healthy young people hardest, harkening back to the dreaded Spanish flu that killed millions in the early 20th century. Some experts fear this pandemic could be as bad. Others say the threat is overblown. Either way, officials have raced to create an effective vaccine which they say will be available in October.

Not soon enough for our house.  H1N1 is here; and it’s real; and it hits hard.

What can we do, beyond aspirin, cold packs, lots of orange juice and calming words of encouragement?

We can pray.

This is a season to pray for health. When all else fails, and all else will, we turn to God who created our bodies and has taught us, through the life and ministry of Jesus to battle against illness and disease with our faith and with prayer.

I’ve now got skin in this game myself. Can I suggest we join the battle together, here and now. The Bible says that agreement in prayer – when we pray together in a group (Matthew 18:19) – is one of the keys to seeing God’s power released to change situations. This situation needs to change! With this forum we have the opportunity for BIG agreement – as in thousands of us praying together about the same problem.

How many out there are battling this flu virus right now, either personally or with someone in your family, or circle of friends? How many of you are anxious, even fearful about it. Let’s talk – with each other and with God – about this challenge. This is the wonder of a technology like this. We may not know each other by name or face, but in an instant we can stand together in masse!

Here’s one prayer for healing the flu…

“God you created our bodies for health. Viruses like H1N1 are distortions of your creation. As you taught us, Jesus, we ‘curse’ this virus in your name. We pray that the immune systems of all those battling this bug will rise up against this invader and defeat it. Give doctors wisdom to aid those who are sick. Give researchers and health officials capacity to produce and distribute the vaccine. We turn to you, God, our healer. We trust you. Heal us.”

Add your own prayer below. And if you are joining this call to prayer against H1N1, comment and let us know. If you know a family battling this sickness, pass along this link and let them know that thousands are praying for them. Let’s build an instant, giant wall of spiritual immunity against this assault! And let’s ask God to step in with the ultimate vaccine – his Mercy!    

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