Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Does Healing Prayer Work?


Do you believe in supernatural healing?

Do you believe prayer prompts God to heal the sick?

These are ancient questions that – in spite of our modern scientific discoveries – continue to fascinate us.

We’re hearing a growing “buzz” about a pending pandemic of “swine flu” also known as H1N1. Researchers claim to have developed a vaccine for this strain, but the fact that the virus has attacked and seems to be gaining momentum shows again that no matter our technological cleverness, we humans remain at the mercy of forces in nature we can’t – naturally – control.


It’s in times like this – and worse – that we know we need God. Sickness, while never created by God is an opportunity to pray and to watch God’s hand at work.

More and more doctors are coming to believe in the power of God to heal through prayer. They know all too well the limits of their own power.

In a recent survey of more than 1,100 U.S. doctors, (cited by the Houston Chronicle) 85% of doctors say believe that religion, spirituality and prayer had a positive influence on a patient’s health and recovery.  They also noted that a significant percentage of physicians believe in miraculous cures.



For decades scientists have tried to identify specific effects of a person’s prayers on others. Some studies show no verifiable impact; several indicate statistically significant outcomes and the power of prayer to heal disease. In the days ahead, I’ll blog about some of these studies…


For people who believe the stories of the Bible, this is no surprise. God described himself as, “I am the Lord who heals you” (Exodus 15:26, Jeremiah 30:17). And on nearly every page of the Gospels Jesus is depicted healing diseased bodies: lepers, the lame, a blind man, a woman who had endured hemorrhaging for 12 years (Matthew 9:22).


Science… History… What about now? Does God still heal? Ask some people in your world. Chances are, you know someone who believes they’ve been healed by God.


Do you have a story of God’s healing power, of your own or of someone you know? Share it!


  • Yani

    I understand that Daddy God loves us very much. He loves when we converse with him. Somehow he send the situations for us to contact him and let’s not forget that he supports us.
    The situations are life lessons, are blessings.

  • Rod01

    Yes and I am a witness to this since, I have been healed by Him, along with the assistance of medication & health professionals.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Good word, Rod… Your story is shared by many of us. Part of our prayer for sickness should probably include thanks to God for sharing his wisdom (and the stage) with smart and dedicated people who assist his will for healing.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Yani, I love that you are addressing God as “Daddy.” This was a challenging hurdle for me to get over in my relationship with God. It felt presumptive and disrespectful for me, a mere speck of dust to call the Creator of evertything “Papa.” But these are the terms! Jesus started it off in his own “Lord’s Prayer.” The Aramaic or Hebrew term he used would have been “Abba in heaven.” Stunning! Because that’s the name little children would use… We would say “Dada” or “Papa.” In light of our eternal existence, our lives are only just beginning and we’re mere infants. Of course, relative to God we’re just tiny ones. And he wants to relate to us on these terms. He’s our source, our name, our supplier and protector and all that good and true fathers are. For anyone who’s struggled with an inadequate father here on earth, this is a challenge. But when we go to God and begin calling him “Daddy,” the rift begins to heal and he truly shows us what true “Fatherhood” is. Kudos, Yani, on your own courage to do this and the way you’re modeling it for all of us!

  • Katina Moore

    God is so good I don’t know where I would be without him! He so amazing and loving but i just wonder all the time why turn to drugs and hurting each other when we can turn to him. Life would be so much better and beautiful if people would only try the Lord when things are going wrong and just not when things are going wrong all the time. Try the Lord and you will see! Thank you lord,

  • Your Name

    Why you think he put us throught things so we can turn to him. And thank you Lord for putting me through all the test i been through because if it wasn’t for him i coulder been dead right now or in someone jail thank you Lord. I thank God for beening a jealous God because he open up my eyes and made me see I was going down the wrong rode and now I see. Thank you Lord. Some times I can’t stop thanking him but it can’t nerve be enough of thanks for him. Thats why he do things for us to turn to him and I did and ever since that I always been thanking him for beening jealous if it wasn’t for him! And I am also a turn believer because when I am down and out he always have my backbone and thank you Lord! I was going through so much in my life and I didn’t know what to do anymore my brother had wreck my vechicle and I had just got it. But God told me everything will be alright Katina just put me first and love me first Katina and I did that God use my mom and dady. And i didn’t have a job or any money to get another one but God told me don’t worry about nothing I love you my child my mom and dady came home with 2007 malibu and God told me Katina go get this job it have your name on it. He made me a believer. God says whats for you is for you and no one can take that a way just put your faith in him.

  • ACE

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 5 years ago. I went to a Healing Mass in Roxbury, Massachusetts. I did receive healing, but it was not immediate. I believe my healing came from the Holy Spirit through Fr. McDonough by finding the right doctors and medication for my condition.
    My prayers were answered, I am now whole.
    Now I am praying for my sister. Fr. McDonough has since passed on and I plan on taking my sister to another healing mass to heal her IBS.

  • Vicky JohnsTon

    I have MS… I so wish that healing prayers could help me to be able to live life easier… I can walk some what with a walker or near a counter, table, chair or wall. Honestly praying there was a healing process, or a breakthru with the doctors and scientists being able to cure every type of medical problems out there…
    I, at times wish that as in the bible when the people needed food, some fish was given to them. I wish that a person could raise their hand or hands up and say Let all the medical problems be gone from everyones bodies…

  • Bill Hurley

    I know 110% that Healing Prayer works because I was healed of melanoma skin cancer thru Prayer. Back in late May of this year I had a spot on my lower back checked and it turned out that it was melanoma. I was refered to a local surgeon and was told that it would be $1,500.00 up front to him. That was not counting the hospital and all other charges that would be involved. I have been out of work since Nov. 08 and have no money, insurance, nothing.
    My church started praying for me and the elders laid hands on me and while we were waiting for all the paperwork to be processed for the welfare to help BAM!!!!!! God took over and sent a lady at our church to call her doctor who refered a doctor he knew.
    So to make a long story short I had the melanoma removed and the cast was only $350.00 and God provided that and I sit here cured by the power of Prayer that acted on the word of God that says “By His Stripes We ARE Healed”!! 1 Peter 2:24(KJV) Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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