Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Asking God to Co-Sign on My Debt

Charity 2.jpgThe statistics are frightening.  We’re a nation in debt, privately in our own families, corporately in our businesses and organizations, and nationally in our government.  Indebtedness is now growing into an even deeper crisis as our present economic troubles mount.  Debt may be our attempt to temporarily ease our pain; but it’s a long-term bondage that robs us of a future and a hope and a freedom to pursue our dreams.

In Jesus Lord’s Prayer he offers this, very startling appeal: “Forgive us our debts…” Is Jesus serious?

Often we interpret this in a spiritual way, believing that Jesus is promising us that we can ask God to forgive us our debt of sin.  This is true.  We can ask God to carry and cancel our spiritual debt.  But there is also a very practical and down to earth application to this appeal: We are invited here to ask God to actually forgive our financial debt!

Is it actually possible to expect God to pay my bills, even when I’ve been foolish with my spending?  The answer is, yes.  God may not do this in the way we expect, or always in a way that eliminates all our pain.  But he does promise to carrier our load, including the practical burden of our financial debt. 

God may do this by teaching us principles of wisdom, prudence and discipline.  The book of Proverbs in the Bible is full of financial wisdom. He may on the other hand deliver us quite miraculously, even instantly. Quite often he uses both wise, long-term and miraculous short term solutions.  The key: God cares, and he invites us to bring all our needs to him in prayer, and to present bold requests for him to meet those needs.

If you or someone you know struggles with debt, enlist a partner today – God himself.  God will cosign your obligations – when you give him in return full right to work in ALL areas of your life.  That’s the deal in working with god: ALL or NOTHING. God will own my problems, when I let him also own me. 

From there we both begin the amazing, sometimes slow, sometimes miraculously rapid work of clearing the slate of my messed up life!

“Dear God, I have put myself in the bondage of debt.  It’s my problem, but it’s also something beyond my ability to fix.  I need your help.  I ask you now to take this debt as your own and forgive it.  I ask you to  work with me to justly return what I owe to those to whom I am indebted.  I ask for wisdom and discipline, but also for miracle provision.  I know I don’t deserve your involvement, but I also know you love me and want to teach me how to live by your principles, something I will need for the rest of eternity.  Thank you ahead of time for clearing my debt and teaching me a new way of living.”

  • Beena

    I like the prayer but all prayers have to go through JESUS CHRIST in order to be answered and by faith. if you believe and ask in the name of JESUS it shall be answered acording to the will of GOD.

  • Your Name

    isnt very simple how we can approach our Heavenly Father just to lay our burdens at his feet through our Saviour Jesus Christ. unfortunately we have been deceived to believe that he is far from us.
    thank you and God bless you for the revealation.

  • Thom Hunter

    Debt is definitely bondage and Christ is all about setting people free. It is amazing how we commit ourselves to things we think we can afford and then find ourselves struggling and submitting to the debt, falling under its control and building our lives around the repayment. We have an obligation to pay our debtors, but just with any other thing that places us in bondage and separates us from God, we need to seek Christ’s help in freeing ourselves. Being “debt-free” is freedom indeed and enhances our ability to serve others. That’s certainly worthy of prayer.
    Thom Hunter

  • doris

    Christ is the answer to all problems. We shouldn’t hesitate to put all our burden under the cross. He really cares.His last will was for His mother, Mary to take care of us which she is doing everyday through her intercessory prayer

  • Your Name

    These comments are so helpful. I have lived with shame and unhappiness. I have may a mess with our finances. The only way I see myself out of it, is through the One Most High. I know He will see us through. Just like Job who lost every, to include his family, but through his faith, God gave it back ten-fold.

  • Your Name

    I was blinded by glitter and gold and my finances are in termoil. I have such a heavy heart due to my wastefulness. I thank God for the Prayers on this web site and the helpful words that guides me to seek Christ Jesus as my refuge and savior… my first steps to becoming a better Christian.

  • Elizabeth

    I thank Beliefnet for being here for me and all who look forwad to these words of wisdom and prayer. My entire life is a financial mess. I have no one to blame but myself. I am trying very hard to stay positive for my family’s sake and to seek God’s mercy in helping me acquire a part time job to help pay my debtors.
    I will continue to pray in Jesus’ name for myself and everyone else.

  • MsVee

    My husband and I have wasted alot of money, due to we were making the money to spend…no regards to the future. We are now in Chapter 13, but I lost my job at a high rate of pay and found another one for a low rate of pay but blessed to have a job. I feel I am in Financial Death, I have come to realize that I can’t fix it anymore, I have come to realize that this financial Battle is not mine…I have to turn it over to the Greatest Power ever…I feel like I have failed. I ask anyone who reads this Prayer for my Husband and me to stop being so worn out from the whole ordeal….Please prayer we will come out of this financial drama. Thanks for listening and thanks for praying for us…I am finally turning it all over…I can’t do it anymore…

  • cindy

    I have not been a very good Christian. I pray that God will help me through this difficult time that I was not prepared for.

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Welcome to the family, Cindy. None of us are “good Christians.” Really, Jesus is the only real Christian who has ever lived and the real secret is letting him live his life through you, not trying with your muster to live like him. God will help you through this time by living his hope and creativity and passion and joy through you. Those may seem like impossible states for you to attain given your bad circumstances, but JESUS can live those attitudes through you… A wise person once put it this way: “I can’t; you can; please do; Thank you!”

  • Mark Herringshaw

    We will pray! There’s a passage in the Bible that says, “He will make a way where there is no way!” God loves to turn something wonderful out of heaps of rubble. He doesn’t cause pain, but he really delights in restoring things to a new first best. We’ll pray that out of this tragedy and pain God will create a “NEW PLAN A” for your family!

  • Mark Herringshaw

    Elizabeth, it is often at our deepest point of crisis that God moves. Believe this. We’ll believe that for you too!

  • Mark Herringshaw

    There’s always hope in Jesus! He’ll show you the way out and then in to new and better things!

  • Mark Herringshaw

    He will see you through!

  • Ronald

    If God created the world in 7 days only by saying the word. One word from God and all your debt is paid for. He already sent the Word.. His Son.

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    Power prayer for our situation

  • itsnotyetuhuru

    am in a serious financial mess…millions of dollars in debt..friends gone..marriage broken..creditors threatening me with am taking drugs just to be happy ..i feel like killing myself. … Jesus just help me please.. and change me.

    • MercifulLove

      Please don’t kill yourself. God loves you and heard and will answer your prayer. God Bless

    • DD

      Like you, am still in a serious financial mess. But I have lifted it all to God. I will pray for you and with you so we can both receive the miracle and forgiveness.
      I wish to pray also to those who hear us and pray for us that God bless them in folds.
      Thank you Mark and Jill. In times I was so down, God directed me to your site and found calmness. God bless you all!

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  • MercifulLove

    I believe and receive this in Jesus Name. Amen

  • dd

    I am in deep debt. Please pray for me and for those experiencing the same. I ask for God’s forgiveness for the mistake I have done and I promise to help the church and those who are in need when I pass this test.

    • MarkandJill

      Father, we lift up this need to you. We thank you that Jesus taught us to pray “Our Abba” – our Daddy. You are not a far off God; you are a good dad who helps his kids when they mess up. Reach down from on high and take hold of this child of yours. Deliver him/her from the pit of destruction and set his/her feet on solid financial ground again. In Jesus’ Name! We agree!

      • DD

        Thank you and I will pray too to those who are experiencing the same.
        God is good! I trust Him so well.

  • DD

    I am in a serious financial debt. Prayer is my only hope. I always pray to the Lord to free me from debts. I know he will and I trust Him. But I lose strength everytime I receive statement of accounts and how I will be able to pay.
    I commit to the Lord, once I get free from debts, I will religiously give tithes so I can pay him in return.

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