Prayer, Plain and Simple

Do you have a financial miracle in your history? It’s time to share the details!

We’ve been talking and praying about finances this week. This is a difficult season for many of us, with unemployment and a signficant debt crisis, many are losing homes and even finding it difficult to meet their most basic needs. We know from the Bible the God promises that he will be with us in trouble, and that we can ask and expect him to deliver… So how has this promise worked out in your life?

Here’s the challenge: Some of us have some great stories of times in our lives when God has delivered a financial miracle. Maybe you went through a bankruptcy, or an unexpected job openned up a new opportunity that never would have materialized otherwise, or God gave you a creative idea for a new business… If you have a story of God delivering an answer, tell us right here! There are a lot of folks struggling right now who need to hear that the promises of God are practical…

Let’s muster 100 miracle stories and post them here. If you know of someone else who has seen God deliver, send along this link and encourage them to add their bit.



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