Prayer, Plain and Simple

On Saturday morning I was talking to my mom about life and how I am tired of the single life. At hearing this my mom said, “Well, have you been praying for a mate?” To this I rolled my eyes, let out a sigh of exasperation and told her what I’ve told her in times past, “I’m not praying for a mate anymore.” My logic for this is because I have already prayed for a mate and at this point, I feel like my continual praying for a mate would suggest to God that I don’t believe he heard me the first time–or the first 12 times. I feel like continually praying to God about my desire for a mate would suggest I don’t trust Him enough to work in His time the way He wants to.

I want to believe that God heard me the many times I prayed and asked him to prepare a helpmate for me and me for a helpmate. But at the same time, I wonder, “Should I be praying more about it?” There’s alot involved in the process of waiting and praying. But I guess the largest question that I want to pose to the readers about this and about prayer in general is, “Do you keep praying about a situation? Or do you send one prayer off and just believe that in due time it will come to pass? Or do you pray and start doing things in the vain on those prayers? Thoughts… 

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