Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

To Pray or Not to Pray

On Saturday morning I was talking to my mom about life and how I am tired of the single life. At hearing this my mom said, “Well, have you been praying for a mate?” To this I rolled my eyes, let out a sigh of exasperation and told her what I’ve told her in times past, “I’m not praying for a mate anymore.” My logic for this is because I have already prayed for a mate and at this point, I feel like my continual praying for a mate would suggest to God that I don’t believe he heard me the first time–or the first 12 times. I feel like continually praying to God about my desire for a mate would suggest I don’t trust Him enough to work in His time the way He wants to.

I want to believe that God heard me the many times I prayed and asked him to prepare a helpmate for me and me for a helpmate. But at the same time, I wonder, “Should I be praying more about it?” There’s alot involved in the process of waiting and praying. But I guess the largest question that I want to pose to the readers about this and about prayer in general is, “Do you keep praying about a situation? Or do you send one prayer off and just believe that in due time it will come to pass? Or do you pray and start doing things in the vain on those prayers? Thoughts… 

  • Juana

    If I view prayer as a conversation with God and thus think of God as like a friend to me, then I guess I find myself having this conversation over and over again, just like I do with my friends. It’s not so much that I think that God has not heard me. It’s more that at the time I am feeling in need of expressing my thoughts about the situation, my frustrations and yes, possibly my doubts. The thing that I am learning about prayers is that as I pray or talk to God, God helps me work through my frustrations and doubt to provide some level of peace about the situation. It is through prayer that sometimes the answers come. And even in those times when they don’t, at least I’ve gotten the weight off of my chest. Besides, when my friends are tired of listening to me moan and groan, I know that God isn’t.

  • The Writer

    Juana, this is an excellent point about prayer being comparable to a conversation with a friend–which is what God is. Looking at it that way, it is ok to come back, not necessarily for the petition, but to talk it through with God and let him ease my doubts and fears about the situation. Point well taken, and thanks for reading and responding. :)

  • Tanya

    To add to Juana’s excellent point of prayer being like a conversation with a friend (our best friend), let’s not forget how awesome, rejuvenated, inspired, motivated, or receptive we are after a good session with a friend. In talking to God, I’m often amazed and grateful for the revelations that come about. Sometimes I am even surprised by what I find myself praying about – even when I’m covering the usual (school, family, career, love). It is in those moments that the Spirit presses in and gives me the words that I need to hear. After those prayer sessions or talks, my attitude and actions change, even if but for a little while.
    In praying frequently about something without the human restraints of deadlines, expectations, etc, we are not doubting God’s power, but rather we are sharing with our friend, and giving Him the opportunity to address changes in our expectations, attitudes, or actions. We already know that all is done according to God’s will for our lives. Most times it is difficult/worrisome when we can not see, and we have to rely on faith. Prayer, just like any conversation we have with friends about a pressing matter, is a way to obtain advice or peace, and it ultimately empowers us to whistle while we wait. Sometimes we need several conversations to get there. Lord knows I need to whistle a WHOLE LOT about some things, so we talk often. 😉

  • Marj

    My mother always told me there is a lot of power in prayer, but, she said we must put feet on our prayers, as well. In other words, pray for what you feel you need to fulfill your life, but also be open to God pointing the ways for you to attain those answers. If you are looking for a helpmate, are you also making yourself available to persons who might be also looking, are you going places you might find such a person, are you “puting feet” on your prayers?

  • Gabriel O. Roque

    Christ has taught us the necessity of praying at all times without losing heart (Lk 18:1).

  • Debra Rincon

    Now that I think of it, I think I pretty much pray about something. Then send it off to God. I don’t dwell on it over and over and over. The same prayer, cause I figure he heard me the 1st time. But, I need the same thing, I need a mate also. I was with my husband for 20+yrs. But, he got deported 4yrs. ago now. I have gotten clean & sober. I have gone back to God’s ways,and I spend alot of time with God now! I love god and appreciate all the things and happiness in my life now. I guess I don’t want to rock the boat? Or should I be greedy asking for more things, when I have already been blessed with so many things by God already???I don’t know if that might be too much? I GUESS IT COULDN’T HURT, I WILL TRY AND LET YOU KNOW IF ANYTHING COMES OF IT! OKAY, THANKS FOR THE POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, I WILL GO PRAY NOW! LATER FROM A DEVOTED CHRISITAN WOMAN IN PORTLAND OREGON.

  • MARY


  • Toni Barnes

    I met the man of my dreams we dated for 2 weeks.He stayed with me for 1 week.Then he came by friday and put money under my door.But i have faith that one day i will see him again.Hurting woman n va bch i called him 4 days in a row but he wont answer his phone.

  • Cheryl

    I too would like an answer to that question. My situation has consumed over 30 years of my life and still no answer from God. And oh yes, I prayed and prayed and prayed and still pray for an answer. It’s not something that you could say, that’s life and get over it. No way, can one do that when it involves loved ones that mean everything to you and are and always will be a very important part of your life.
    Open for suggestions and will continue to pray for an answer and I more than likely always will.

  • Your Name

    I, too have been praying for a husband. I know God hears my prayers and that they do not fall on deaf’s ear. I don’t ask Him everyday for a husband but I am consistent with my prayers. It’s like how bad do you want it. While I am waiting I am doing the work of the Lord because I know it will happen suddenly. Faith without works is dead!

  • Your Name

    The Bible says we are to pray without ceasing but also someone told me just thank the Lord everyday for the mate that he has for me. One thing to do that is good is sit down make a list of what you want in a husband be specific and then go to the Lord in prayer with your desire. He knows our needs wants and desires even before we prayer but he wants us to ask anyway. When that person comes along that you think might be the one make sure to really wait on the Lord about it cause the enemy will throw in the counterfeit too. I am saying this cause too many times I didnt wait on the Lord and ended up emotionally getting hurt when it didnt work out. Jermeiah 29:11 talks about the plans that he has for us. He knows what is best and who is best for us. He knows the one that will treat us right. I have been single for many years as well and it is hard. The Lord does hear and answer prayer and no you are not being greedy when you ask the Lord for a helpmate. He says it is not good for man to be alone and he is also talking about women too.
    Prayer is the key that unlocks the door. God Bless you all.

  • Donna

    the Word says to pray withtout ceasing….. That being said, keep praying. Of course He hears you and of course He’ll answer, but in His own time. I did not ask God for a helpmate the first time, I did it on my own. The result is that we are now divorced. He was not the one for me. The man I am married to now is more in tune with me and is also a Chritian, the Bible talks about being “unevenly yolked”. We tend to pick partners that are not suited to us—God never makes that mistake. Stay faithful and prayerful and the Lord will give you “the desires of your heart”. But there is a formula—“seek ye FIRST His kingdom AND His righteuosness and all things will be added to you”. God is an orderly God and maybe you just need to ask in a different way….. Blessing to you.

  • Your Name

    u shoudnt b worrying,eventually u will meet someone of your dreams,it feels along wait,but it will be answeard

  • Asamuels

    I have not prayed that prayer but I do believe that if you believe God He will provide. There is no harm in making your request made more than once. God knows your heart and your desires, but first make sure they are pleasing unto Him, not because others have but because its’ in His will for you. Are you really ready? Can you sincerely say that being married will make you a vessel unto His good works? Is He ready? Is his first priority in the service of the King? Think on these things and then pray.

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