Prayer, Plain and Simple

Hurricane Bill is not projected to do any real damage in the United States, but I still feel compelled to send up my prayers to those who may be in the midst of the storms that may ensue because of Bill and of course all of those who are living in parts of the country that are subject to the effects of hurricanes and tropical storms. Please join me in prayer and add your own:

Heavenly Father,

As creator of the heavens and the earth I pray that your hand of protection be upon all of those who may be in the midst of tropical storms and hurricanes. Grant them knowledge, wisdom, and understanding so that they may take the necessary precautions to protect the homes you have given them. Give the metereologists and the weather men and women wisdom, knowledge and discernment so that they will disseminate the correct information regarding the position and severity of hurricanes and tropical storms. Let everyone who lives in states most heavily impacted by this seasonal phenomena be calm and always put their trust in you for provision and safety. May no damage be caused that is beyond repair. May no one be anxious for anything, but in everything, let their requests be made known unto you and may the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. All these things I pray, in Jesus’ name.


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