Prayer, Plain and Simple

David’s friendship with God was based on what he knew about God; what David knew came by observing God’s past actions. David was able to lay everything on the line in prayer because he knew God’s character was dependable. His splendid prayer, Psalm 143 expresses this well.

I remember the days of old.
      I ponder all your great works
      and think about what you have done.
I lift my hands to you in prayer.
      I thirst for you as parched land thirsts for rain.
Come quickly, Lord, and answer me,
      for my depression deepens.
Don’t turn away from me,
      or I will die.

All friendship requires trust; and trust is built on a good memory of good things.  When a person we know tells us what they will do, then follows through with action, we begin to trust their word and their character. David knew that God was trustworthy because he remembered that God had been faithful in the past – saying what he’d do, then doing it.

Remembering the times that God has delivered on his promises is vital to healthy prayer. Effective communication with God is built on a good memory. 

Can you remember times when God has fulfilled his promises to you or someone you know? If you want to say with David, “My depression deepens” can you also recall a time when God has rescued you from trouble?  Build your prayer requests for help today on the foundation of God’s character. He’s done it before; he’ll do it again! Follow David’s lead and borrow this prayer.

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