Prayer, Plain and Simple

I grew up with an image of Jesus as a meek and mild saint.  But when I explore the gospels I see another side of him: Jesus the warrior. 

This may not be popular notion, but it is undeniable.  Jesus came with a mission, on purpose.  He came as a liberator, and a fighter.  The question is not if Jesus fights, but how.  How do we “Fight Like Jesus?” As I look at the stories of Jesus life and examine the ways he handled conflict, I see someone who was anything but timid.  When Jesus entered a battle he fought not with physical weapons, but with words.  Jesus sees the primary conflict in the universe as a war of words.  He defeated his foes – which were not human – by what he said.  He enlists us, and invites us to borrow his words and join the fray – as we pray!

I have fleshed out this idea in a short ebook called, Fight Like Jesus. It’s available for free download on Prodigal Get it. Read it. Then let’s talk.

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