Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

A Prayer for Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl

On June 30th, Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban from the Paktika province in southeastern Afghanistan. Bergdahl has comrades, family–including a girlfriend he hopes to marry and friends who are all praying for his safe return. Please join us in prayer for Bergdahl’s safe return back to his comrades and his family.

Heavenly Father,

Please make haste to help and make speed to save Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, a soldier who went overseas to fight for his country. In this time of uncertainty, while fear has struck his heart because of the uncertainty of his situation, please reveal your perfect love which casts out all fear. Protect him from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet so that his captors may not harm him. May your presence be known in the places that they take him to so much so that they will be consumed and will release him. Empower all of his family, friends, fellow soldiers, military supporters, government, and people around the world to send prayers and positive thoughts to him. Let us all be encouraged to continually be in prayer for this young man and all the young men and women who consider it not robbery to serve their country. 

In Jesus Name,


  • Cynthia Caron

    Please see direct link for my prayer banner.
    Thank you for your blog and prayers. Hopefully his family will know that many in the USA are praying for him and with prayers in numbers…I’m hopeful that they will be heard.

  • Christy

    I add my prayers and thoughts!
    I pray for him to be guided by ever growing inner strength and protection from pain and suffering. I pray for him to feel and know a higher vision, strength, one that stays with him, that stays with his inner soul, better and stronger than any outer body armor humans can manufacture. I pray for all of his fellow soldiers everywhere to find inner peace amidst such constant turmoil and chaos….
    I pray for thos who hold him captive, keeping him prisoner and trying to sell his being that they too become enlightened, guided from higher levels in knowing this is the WRONG thing to do, THIS WILL NOT ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING of VALUE, I pray that they come to understand that releasing him, unharmed will do MUCH MORE, be MORE EFFECTIVE in carrying their message across, in showing that their differences, their cultural ways of life can show respect, regard and value to huam life regardless of its origins.
    I pray for his commrades and his family during their tribulations/ strife searching for meaning and sense in all of this chaos.
    I pray for us all to find the true basis of HUMANITY.

  • Patty L

    As the world watches and waits for the outcome of this tragedy our prayers and thoughts are with the family and Bowe. I know he is scared right now not knowing what is to come of him, but I know everything will be ok and sooner than later he will be reunited with his loved ones. Keep faith and hopes high!

  • redd foxx

    i saw the video. didnt the US train him about local customs? he was eating with his left hand. but i guess what do expect from someone who grew up in idaho.

  • mary brown

    know that many are keeping this solier in thought and prayer.keep the faith and believe in miracles…god bless

  • Rob the Rev

    Of course the reality is that there is a great possibility that he may be tortured and abused because the good ole’ U.S. of A. has abandoned its moral position against torture under the Bush-Cheney regime. We have put all of our soldiers at risk by our foolish, illegal actions.

  • Mama C

    My son and his team are over there – we pray for the safe return Of our American Son Bowe R. Bergdahl and all our troops! May God the Creator of all keep them out of harms way and bring peace to all those in conflict. Keep his family strong and united, and the officials and soldiers wits about them. The continued loss of life and family is hard on everyone!

  • Pat Jones

    To Rob The Rev. I hardly think the talaban cares what our beliefs are if they did they wouldnt BEHEAD prisoners and send children to kill soldiers with bombs in packages. They wouldn’t have taken part in killing hundreds on 9/11 and they would be in church. Judge not lest ye be judged.
    My prayers are with this family and for the soldiers in this war.
    May God send his mighty army to protect them and guide them.
    In the end he will be the judge of all deeds done here on earth.

  • Military Relative

    I just pray for Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl’s safety & return home. I pray that he doesn’t give up his faith in the Lord Almighty and knows he’s never alone with Jesus in his heart. I pray that his fellow soldiers are safe!

  • Gus S Calabrese

    Hey Rob the Rev get real
    Anyone who prays to GOD ( It is certain that GOD exists , why else would Bowe be in Afghanistan ? ) to spare their loved ones and strike down the wicked towel-heads of the East is right on. What possible use would GOD have for a bunch of whackos who dress funny except for white folks to get good practice smashing them. Quit criticizing AMERICA. Anything the USA does is right-on…. GOD says so. Please return safely Bowe and continue your mission protecting Americans…. like Cheney.

  • Jeffrey Dunham

    He is a powerful and merciful God, and His son is a light in darkness. May He keep you safe, give your family peace, bring you through this trial unharmed, by His mercy. May America learn to pray and fast humbly for God’s Providence. Ahmen. We love you and yours always.

  • Lisa Gober-Noel

    May God keep you and protect you, give you strength to endure, wisdom and hope. May God grant your family peace and may all of us safe at home never forget to keep you near. In Jesus name I pray.

  • Kimberly Raiser and PFC Sheamus McNeeley

    PFC Sheamus McNeeley of the Florida National Guard, whom graduated with you at Fort Benning, and all of his family who met you and know you to be a brave a patriotic man, are praying each and every moment for your safe return.
    We will not rest until you are home…
    Kimberly Raiser and family…..PFC Sheamus McNeeley

  • Julie Domotor

    Lord, please bless him and keep him safe. Be with him in his heart and soul always. Let him feel our love and hope for his release. We are with you!

  • Your Name

    Dear God,
    Please bring Bowe Bergdahl home soon safely to his family and friends. The nation is united in prayer for the safe return of this young man and look to you, Lord, to keep him in your loving embrace and protect him from harm. Amen.

  • Your Name

    Lord, my family an I stand in agreement prayer Matt.l8:18 &19 for Bowe Bergdahl’s release and safe return to his family and friends.You say in your word that if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed to speak to this mountain and it shall be removed. Nothing is too hard for thee,God. we thank you and praise you for a miracle for this soldier and pray for the protection of all our soldiers. in Jesus’s name we ask this. amen.

  • Kathy

    I join others across the nation and pray for the safe return of Pfc Bowe Bergdahl. Grant him your grace and mercy and an end to his captivity.

  • Julie Domotor

    Still thinking of you and praying for your safe release.

  • Deanna

    Continuous prayer for Pfc. Bergdahl and his family. Lord, please be with this young man and his family through this stressful time. Reveal your plan to him and take away his fear, Lord. Loose his chains and free him, Lord. And comfort his mother and father and other loved ones, that You are the One in ultimate control. Thank you in Jesus name.

  • Yvonne & Joe

    Pfc Bowe Bergdahl, God is watching over you, and we will Never Stop Praying for you. Let all these Prayers Touch Heaven. Amen. God Bless You! Yvonne & Joe

  • Yvonne & Joe

    Pfc Bowe Bergdahl, God is watching over you, and we will Never Stop Praying for you. Let all these Prayers Touch Heaven. Amen. God Bless You! Yvonne & Joe

  • Andree’

    Pfc Bowe Bergdahl, I Pray that God Bless and Protect You. In Jesus Name. Andree’

  • Pat in Atlanta

    Bowe, I still wear my POW bracelet for you. I believe in my heart, God has been and will continue to watch over and protect you until you are able to come home safely to your family in Idaho.
    I hope to meet you one day and be able to hand my bracelet over to you. I might even stay or return to dance at your wedding!!!

  • Carrol Mills, prayer warrior

    Bowe, I have been praying for you to be released unharmed for over a year now. I claim Mat.18:19, for you…”Again, I say to you that if two of you should agree on earth concerning every desire they might ask, they will have it from the presence of my Father who is in heaven.” Together, we are praying for Bowe. A Kansan.

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