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Daily Prayer By all accounts, it appears bleak. Part of me is taken away; part of me is no more. Yet I do not weep. I laugh, for You have made me a girl again, long-limbed and unconfined, my body […]

Daily Prayer As I get ready to make love, guide me to be a giver and getter of gifts. Sometimes receiving pleasure is beyond reach for me. But not tonight. This time it will be about us, not my shopping […]

The needle sticks at a number too high for my liking. I just can’t do this without You. Please, help me today to avoid temptation. Help me to eat mindfully, to approach activity with enthusiasm, to remember what I’m doing […]

Others praise You with voices raised in song. Still others paint awe-inspiring canvases or raise buildings into the sky. Let me praise You with the talents You have given me. I can reach out a hand to steady my elderly […]

My mornings of sorrow are shrouded in pain. This “ideal” lifestyle is crumbling into dust. Hope is shattered. Life has imploded into the sands of time. Tears like crystal ball snowflakes fleck with happiness twirling with the forces of false […]

Thank You for this food. May I savor each bite mindful of the blessings that bought it, the work that produced it, and the hands that prepared it. May I be nourished and renewed by this gift of sustenance, eager […]

Daily Prayer Please help me to step back from the rush and clamor of day to day life. Help me to disconnect if only for a few moments so that I may sit quietly and do nothing but breathe. In […]