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She’s a crafty one. Not in the sly like a fox kind of way; but creative, like Martha Stewart. Pauline loves to make things. She spends her free time refinishing yard sales finds, crocheting and planning a dinner party—with place […]

There may be a generation gap as wide as the Grand Canyon. But one thing Sue Ellen and her children agree on: everybody’s working for the weekend. Sound familiar? Then you’re of a certain age, can hum the tune, and […]

She’s always getting ready for nothing. Harriet is the busiest person on the planet and yet no one understands what it is she actually does. Her son Michael remembers his childhood and the loneliness of being Harriet’s kid. He hated […]

There’s a constant murmur among the crowd. Suppose you were close enough to a swarm of bees, you’d probably be hearing something similar. Except that this swarm is praying. They’re speaking Hebrew at a very fast pace in an undertone […]

Daily Scripture Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy Exodus 20:8 The Ten Commandments have much to say about keeping the Sabbath. It’s simply that important. You may see Sabbath observance as an honor to the Lord. Or maybe […]