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Feature Video Good music performed by a rock band is made better when they’re singing and playing about God. The David Crowder Band honors the Lord in “Let Me Feel You Shine.” It’s a praise song about coming back around […]

Best Religious Music We found a studio recording of “Our God’s Alive” by Andy Cherry. It’s a perfect bookend to the slick stadium version from Andy’s album of the same name. “Our God’s Alive” has some heavy lyrics, even for […]

Religious Music Rock Star Bono has been making music history for decades. Throughout his long career there is one song U2 plays at every live performance: “I Will Follow.” Bono wrote the song following his mother’s death when he was […]

Best Religious Music Gospel, pop, R & B? “Shackles” AKA “Praise You” fits neatly into all genres and it’s classic Mary Mary. “Shackles” is their break-out single that kicked-started the talented Christian music duo to the popularity they enjoy today. […]

Best Religious Music Notice to old ladies and young children – do not be turned off by opening drum racket! “Feel it in Your Heart” is a great contemporary Christian rock song with an alternative feel that all audiences can […]

Prayables Pick: Best Religious Music Randy Travis did a musical project of traditional hymns. “Shall We Gather at the River” is one of the songs in the collection. He says that he was not raised on the Good Book and […]

Daily Video Quiz – What high energy dance tune inspires and motivates, while reminding that you’re “One of God’s greatest creations?” Answer: Get Up, by Mary Mary. It’s an energized motivational music video that Prayables picks as today’s best music […]

What a praise song! Chris Tomlin sings Indescribable with joyous voice and gives it up to God. Enjoy the spirit, follow along to the lyrics, and have a perfect praise moment. Indescribable – Lyrics From the highest of heights to […]

The soulful voice of Yolanda Adams brings inspiration to all who listen. In “Never Give Up,” we’re motivated to stick with it, and turn to God for comfort and guidance. You’ll enjoy this recording of a performance to remember. Prayables […]

Prayables loves Tommy Walker’s version of a classic standard hymn! This is a live video that not only captures the beat, and gets you up on your feet… but Tommy also slows us down, and brings us to prayer. Find […]