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There are eight million stories in the naked city, all of them overlapping. Help us find a way to take our homes with us, to carry them inside us so that we’re never lost. Create a mobile sacred space for […]

I know You’re there, but where? Worries are poking at me, sharp-clawed: my job, my family, my life. I can’t feel You today, and I am afraid. Where are You? Please make Yourself present— clear and tangible— let me feel […]

I go to the woods, for You are there. You, fully in attendance in every leaf and bough, replenish my soul with the sigh of the wind. I come here to be with You, where You dwell most presently, to […]

What happens the day after a prayer is answered? You go from hope to certainty, petition to gratitude. The Shalit family is celebrating the return of their beloved Gilad after more than five years in captivity. He was a teenager, […]