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Daily Prayer Here’s my soul’s Status Update: I know the power of words. I’ve been wounded by an off-hand comment. I’ve been uplifted by unexpected praise. A bad attitude can be catching. From the sniffles of sarcasm to the contagion […]

I know You’re there, but where? Worries are poking at me, sharp-clawed: my job, my family, my life. I can’t feel You today, and I am afraid. Where are You? Please make Yourself present— clear and tangible— let me feel […]

It’s not that I don’t believe in You. I just don’t believe in me. You are all, and I am nothing, so how can I get from here to there? The span between is endless, and if I fall, an […]

Daily Prayer I grew up with prayer as a quiet quick few seconds before bed, but that’s no longer enough. Adoration, praise, supplication, and pleas for intervention. They may not have been part of my past, but maybe they will […]

Daily Prayer As I get ready to make love, guide me to be a giver and getter of gifts. Sometimes receiving pleasure is beyond reach for me. But not tonight. This time it will be about us, not my shopping […]

Daily Prayer Call it kismet or divine intervention I am where I need to be. Let me never forget that I did not wander here unplanned by chance. You led me to this place. I am on stage awaiting my […]

Daily Prayer Who knew You could be present in the mopping of a floor? But there You are. I find You, too, next to the bread as I fix his brown bag sandwich. And there You are, riding shotgun, as […]

Daily Prayer I want my life to ring, to surge like a cello, deep and moving graceful and resonant— the sound of Your voice when you speak to me. I hear little songs in my mind of Your promises. They […]

Daily Prayer Help me to quit trying to change things through worry. Teach me to speak through You, and my life will change automatically. When I learn to change my thoughts, my life change will begin, from the inside out. […]

Daily Prayer I feel the nudge from You on high, a faintest tickle reminding me of what is the right thing to do. I hear Your voice, whispering kind words for me to say to those who need to hear. […]