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Daily Prayer I look to You when I am scared. I am scared now. I ask for Your peace to cradle my soul to enfold me within Your warmth, understanding and grace. I ask for Your strength to filter within […]

If hardships come my way, I ask for Your strength to keep striving towards what is good, right and honorable. If I encounter impossibilities, keep me depending on You, The Miracle Maker. If success is mine, remind me it is […]

Daily Prayer I think of myself as diamond, perhaps pure gold. Maybe my life is an antique vase, unique, precious, and rare. Consider the point it which they all began. Think of the process each went through. Each test of […]

I fall short, but You are my help. I am no angel, but I look to You. I am not strong, but You are unshakable. I may not be perfect, but I am willing. For in my weakness, I have […]