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Feature Video The Beatles did plenty of spiritual seeking through their music. A solo George Harrison wrote and recorded “My Sweet Lord” in 1970 and continued the tradition. Regardless of religious beliefs, we’re all blessed to share in the musical […]

Man and guitar – making music for the faithful, the seeker, and the sinner. John Mark McMillan, is a talented Christian artist who plucks and plays his way to deeper spiritual connections in “Daylight.” Daylight Lyrics – John Mark McMillan […]

The very talented Aly and AJ sing “Never Far Behind,” a song for all of us who have faith that our friends who are lost, will believe someday. Lyrics – Never Far Behind I know this really isn’t you I […]

The exquisite and heartfelt sounds of Ginny Owens is captured live at the Cup O Joy music venue in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She performs “If You Want Me To” in finest voice, with piano accompaniment that tickles the soul. Prayables […]