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Daily Prayer Send peace, like a jolt of electric current; numbing the brain, of every evil tyrant, ruthless dictator, and dangerous fanatic. Send peace, as potent as a lightening rod; striking the heart and transforming the soul of aggressors and […]

Enable us to actually meet each other before we think we know someone. Remind us that nobody fits neatly into a box on a census form. We all came from somewhere and nobody owns the Earth. We’re all sub-letting here, […]

We gather together, women of all faiths. We bring to you our thanks and our worries, our joy and our heartbreak. You are much greater than we can ever be. Please share with us the peace and wisdom You give […]

In a world rocked by devastation, by earthquakes and tsunamis, by starvation and cruelty, I am only one person. It is so easy to claim I can do nothing, so easy to be intimidated by the disasters before me. Please […]