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The rains have come, Windy days and crisp nights. Days are shorter And the land prepares to sleep. Bless this day, God of seasons. Bless the autumn with the hope of comfort and rest. Be present with us as we […]

It takes years of pressure to turn a piece of coal into a sparkling diamond. Thank You for second chances, and open hearts. Allow me a chance to grow in faith. Surround me with light and hope as we walk […]

I go to the woods, for You are there. You, fully in attendance in every leaf and bough, replenish my soul with the sigh of the wind. I come here to be with You, where You dwell most presently, to […]

Look at it this way: there’s a great big hodge-podge of religious beliefs, bumping up against one another, each catching the religious residue of its neighbor. Chrislam, Conservadox, and Cashews are just some of the oxymorons that make up this […]

Each day is a blessing of epic proportions. I give thanks for what might seem meager comforts: real cream in my coffee, a day without a bill in the mail, Paso Doble, the Spanish two-step. Sometimes life is a dance […]

Carmen was ticked off, and she earned it, illness, delinquent child, drunken husband, and unemployment. You name it, if it’s bad, it happens to Carmen. She wasn’t coping well. One of Carmen’s methods to address her misfortune was to talk […]

A lot happens in twenty-four hours. Babies are born, healing happens and somewhere, two people fall in love. Think about the past twenty-four hours in your own life. Have you felt joy, did you laugh, have you recognized God’s miracles? […]

I think light and dark are in each of us and we can tap into either avenue at any point in time. When I was expecting my son years ago, I prayed every day: “Please give me a happy, healthy, […]

A husband was advised by his psychiatrist to assert himself. “You don’t have to let your wife henpeck you. Go home and show her you’re the boss.” The man was on fire with enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to try the […]

My earliest memory from school is this: “It’s a free country.” Later on, I recall: “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.” What I didn’t know then was the underlying truth – We’re mostly soul, wrapped in flesh and blood. Please […]