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Daily Prayer Whether we are reaching for the last sale item or helping someone in need, it is far too easy to get wrapped up in ourselves. We fail to see the other person, complete with their own needs, their […]

Daily Prayer I feel the nudge from You on high, a faintest tickle reminding me of what is the right thing to do. I hear Your voice, whispering kind words for me to say to those who need to hear. […]

Stopped at a corner in my car saw a man holding a sign. It read, I’m hungry. You say, “Feed him” Walked by a woman sleeping on a cardboard box. She needed warmth. You say, “Cover her” Crossed through a […]

Daily Prayer Help me to recalibrate so that I don’t live by everyone else’s rules: It’s impossible to achieve success later in life. You’re a woman in a man’s world. Change is something to be feared. Help me to regroup […]

Daily Prayer I praise You for: My purpose, My passion, My partner, My people, My personal peace, Your perfection experienced. For purpose gives direction. Passion unleashes my gifts. My partner, life meaning, My people, a heritage, My personal peace is […]

My mornings of sorrow are shrouded in pain. This “ideal” lifestyle is crumbling into dust. Hope is shattered. Life has imploded into the sands of time. Tears like crystal ball snowflakes fleck with happiness twirling with the forces of false […]

Thank You for this food. May I savor each bite mindful of the blessings that bought it, the work that produced it, and the hands that prepared it. May I be nourished and renewed by this gift of sustenance, eager […]

Thanks be to You for semi-colons, for m-dashes, ellipses, and commas. Glory be in the languages of Earth, in Morse code and Braille, in Swahili and Portuguese. You made us social beings, then gave us the gift that binds, that […]

You have to admit: You made me mouthy, gave me big dreams and great expectations. I even carry a portable soapbox with me in case I need to vent. But whatever I need to say, and however I express it, […]

At times, I feel I’m the engineer on this train, and some days, just cargo. All I need to know is that I’m on the right track. Before I even began this journey, You’d mapped out the route. Each time […]