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Daily Prayer Just when I thought You’d forgotten all about me, You show up out of the blue. A message, a flower, a guide. Something speaks to me and it says You. I bet You’ve been there all along, and […]

Daily Prayer Today I am born to a new week. I thank You for the view from Monday, for the wide, unworn week stretching out before me, for all the possibility simmering beneath the surfaces of appointments and deadlines. Thank […]

  Daily Prayer Prayer is a gift I give myself. I turn to You, because then I am not alone. I give You my troubles: You can bear them. I give You my thanks: You grant me all my needs. […]

Daily Prayer Here beside You, I am known. You have the words I cannot find. You know the truths I will not speak. You offer me peace I thought was out of reach. You are my warmest companion, my perfect […]

Daily Prayer Among skyscrapers and city streets, You are here. I sense You in sun hot pavement, glinting glass and rumbling buses. When I take the train, I see You in the faces of Your children– Young and old, men […]

Daily Prayer It usually forces itself upon me, because I’d never choose the discomfort that comes with being completely out of control. I feel utterly humbled by the hardness of circumstance, and depleted of the ability to fix it. But […]

If hardships come my way, I ask for Your strength to keep striving towards what is good, right and honorable. If I encounter impossibilities, keep me depending on You, The Miracle Maker. If success is mine, remind me it is […]

Daily Prayer I want my life to ring, to surge like a cello, deep and moving graceful and resonant— the sound of Your voice when you speak to me. I hear little songs in my mind of Your promises. They […]

Daily Prayer You have placed within me, my soul. It gives form to my thoughts creating my innermost feelings and driving my actions. I am possessed with goodness and remarkable power. Committed to: doing deeds of loving kindness, speaking out […]

Daily Prayer This is my day of unlimited chances. A day of uncommon favor and unending blessings. When Your favor and blessings overtake me, my change will come. I am ready and prepared to receive my portion. It ís my […]