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Katherine loves to travel. She thrives on the excitement of discovering new places and removing herself from the ordinary routine of everyday life. Despite her sense of adventure, she was never a big fan of flying— until something changed her […]

Does there seem to be something missing from your life?  Is there something missing that no material possession or personal achievement can bring you?  This something could very well be your participation in close and empowering communion with God. If […]

I started a writer’s workshop in my area last night. It’s actually the same writer’s workshop I had started right before getting pregnant but then life smacked me around a bit and I was too busy changing diapers to worry […]

I am starting a Procrastination Rally. “The roof, the roof is on fire, and we don’t need no water. Let the procrastinator’s excuses burn. Burn down long to-do lists. Burn information hoarders. Burn time wasters. Burn baby burn!” We miss […]