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If you are worrying about tomorrow, you aren’t living in today. In our go-go, have to get-ahead world it can be difficult to slow down and live in the now. In order to truly make your life your own and […]

7 0f 8 ←BACK • NEXT→ Moving Forward Without Clutter What clutter are you hoarding, that’s keeping you from moving forward: Guilt, jealousy, procrastination, anxiety, un-forgiveness, self-doubt, or dis-trust? When you de-clutter you will receive clarity. You become more aware […]

6 0f 8 ←BACK • NEXT→ FIVE. Wrongful Speaking –Filter it. What starts as a fine crack becomes a crater in relationships. By using the wrong words, you spew clutter, contaminating those around you. Learn how to talk in a […]

5 of 8 ←BACK • NEXT→ FOUR. Bad Thinking –Switch it. When Shonna notices that her mind is cluttered up with bad thinking, she starts thinking the Lord’s words. Through meditative worship, she switches off the bad thinking and turns […]

4 0f 8 ←BACK • NEXT→ THREE. Fear –Let go of it. Roz has a method she regularly uses to de-clutter her fear. She allows herself to feel the fear, and then- she does it anyway. Whatever it is she’s […]

3 0f 8 ←BACK • NEXT→ TWO. Sadness –Release it. Much sadness is justified.  But when it goes too long and you can’t identify the cause of it, it’s time to let go. When Daphne feels sadness, she immediately replaces […]

2 0f 8 ←BACK • NEXT→ ONE. Anger –Understand it. Juanita knows that anger comes from hurt. She gets to the root of the matter by dealing with the real issue that caused the hurt in the first place. She […]