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Who took the fun out of making fun of somebody? Most people lose their taste for a cheap laugh and opt-out when it comes to embarrassing another person for the sake of a chuckle. Not Chad. He is full speed […]

She has a fear of infidelity. Jen isn’t worried about her husband being unfaithful; she’s worried about herself. It’s completely irrational. Jen and Tom have a great marriage. In seventeen years she has never felt remotely tempted. But she watched […]

“For me, I could tell because of my library book.” Colleen told Mary. They were having a conversation about an eye-opening article in the NY Times Magazine, “The Generous Marriage.” Colleen knows she has a good marriage. Mary… not so […]

He had two loves, the woman he was about to marry and his love for God. While Zack’s fiancé was busy planning their wedding, he got busy and planned the marriage. Zack was determined that God be included on the […]