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Life is a journey. Everyday you wake up you are filled with choices. Each choice you make has a direct affect on what you will experience from moment to moment and all throughout your life.  Some people choose to be […]

Here’s some background. Kimberly is single and looking for a Mr. Kimberly to make her life complete. She’s a great gal; she’s got looks, smarts, and heart. Emily is her best friend; she’s along for the ride. She listens, advises […]

They have been together for twenty-five years, most of them happy. But it wasn’t until Chuck got sick, that Nina discovered how much she loved him. It started out innocently enough: A persistent cough, enough to be annoying…but not alarming. […]

When Bonnie first met Liz she was in awe. Never before had she known anyone so much in love as her new friend. Great big love! Not the kind of “Big Love” hijacked by HBO for a T.V. show. But […]

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The man in the gutter, The woman on the street, They are my sister and my brother. The frail and the meek, The lonely and the lost, They are my father and my mother. The soldier with his weapon, The […]