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Living in the present.  Possibility or phewy?   Having just enough light for what is right ahead in your life.  Short-sighted or suprisingly wise? Lori and Alice discuss a snippet from Henri Nouwen’s day by day prayer and meditation guide  “Bread […]

What is the nature of evil? Find out from someone who knows something about it, Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West! Join Lori and Alice as they question what makes someone evil and the effects of evil on the […]

It is hard to go through times of sorrow in life, but they are necessary and perhaps even important to our overall growth and well-being.  Join Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton as they discuss Mary Oliver’s short but jam-packed poem […]

Take a look at salvation through the eyes of Bird, an abused child, in Connie May Fowler’s “Before Women Had Wings.” Lori and Alice will discuss such topics as: the God of the Old Testament versus the God of the […]

Lori and Alice discuss the importance of simplicity in daily life as they share quotations from the lovely novel “The Country of Old Firs” by Sarah Orne Jewett set in nineteenth century Maine. LISTEN NOW!  

Daily Prayer Down here where only the lantern-fish swim, too deep for sun to penetrate, I see a glint. It is You, reaching for me through the churning seas, a hand to pull me back to the surface and into […]

Is any person capable of fully repenting after committing the ultimate evil? What shape does repentance take? And is it possible to forgive —and even love — those who have caused us the deepest pain? All these questions and more […]

If you have not yet picked up Mary Oliver’s book of poetry “Why I Wake Early”, we highly suggest that you consider it.  In this week’s show Lori and Alice spend time talking about transformation and change in her poem […]

Daily Prayer “I was young once, too,” I tell her. But she stares at me, as if I sprang, fully-formed and middle-aged, from the head of Zeus. How can I possibly understand true love? So I turn to You who […]

What is it about nature that drives our spirituality? Can laziness be a good thing? What is Providence and how can we understand it in light of tragedy? Alice and Lori will cover all this and more as they delve […]