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Let me love You with everything. Let my intellect adore You, my body understand You, my heart envelop You. Teach me to open entirely, that I may learn to reach for You with more than my words, for I am […]

Daily Prayer You have placed within me, my soul. It gives form to my thoughts creating my innermost feelings and driving my actions. I am possessed with goodness and remarkable power. Committed to: doing deeds of loving kindness, speaking out […]

Stopped at a corner in my car saw a man holding a sign. It read, I’m hungry. You say, “Feed him” Walked by a woman sleeping on a cardboard box. She needed warmth. You say, “Cover her” Crossed through a […]

Speak to me like I don’t get it, because I don’t. Parse it out for me with patience and persistence. Here I am, ready to receive the word. Ready— the one thing that cannot be denied is that I’ve been […]