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Daily Quote “When we behold your Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and stars that You set in place- what are we humans that You are mindful of us!” Bernhard Mehlman READ MORE and enjoy these features […]

5 of 10 ← BACK • NEXT → Santa vs God Mashup Santa places gifts under your tree and treats in your stocking. God’s gifts are everywhere. CONTINUE → God’s Perfect Fit

1 of 10 NEXT → We do love a great symbol, don’t we? Whether it’s Santa, a menorah or a color combination that says “Celebrate!” It’s worth taking a second look at the meaning behind the message: Don’t forget the […]

Women want security: Lots of it, and all kinds.  We want the security of a loving partner. The security of knowing the people we love are safe.  The security of a relationship with God. Our desire for security is rooted […]