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Daily Prayer There’s a lesson in here somewhere. It’s in everything I do, but camouflaged as it may be, I hunt for clues along the way. Through waiting, I learn patience and the meaning of divine timing. Through loss, I […]

Daily Prayer Tonight, I am full of uncertainties: rushing water, rocks and loosened stones. Above me, stars reach connecting pieces of my scattered life, forming constellations of doubt. But when all is quiet, I hear the creek pulsing outside my […]

Daily Prayer Only You can say what I need. I think I know:  this job, that house, this person that I say I love. But only You can say what I need. I do know what I want: to trust […]

Daily Prayer Please sit with me here, in the dark and the cold, and help me remember. Help me remember the natural peace her presence gave. Help me remember the grace of her heart, the generosity of her spirit, the […]

Daily Prayer By all accounts, it appears bleak. Part of me is taken away; part of me is no more. Yet I do not weep. I laugh, for You have made me a girl again, long-limbed and unconfined, my body […]

Daily Prayer May I honor Your Name always as a blessing on my lips. Your Name is not a weapon. It is neither a catalyst for anger, nor is it proof of my righteousness. Your Name is the hand of […]

Daily Prayer I am so tired. Help me to get past my thoughts of “What else can happen?” It seems like every time I turn around, the telephone rings with unwanted news. Or, someone on the job is making demands, […]

Daily Prayer I pray when I am fearful. I pray when I am in need. I sing praise to You. I lift up my hands, my heart, my soul. Please take me beyond myself and help me recognize the prayers […]

Daily Prayer I search for your face wherever I go. What do you look like? Surely, when our eyes meet there will be this instant spark of recognition, allowing our destinies to collide. Almost everyone I know has found their […]

Daily Prayer I need You I weep for You I reach out for You I feel You I think of You I worship You Guide me to be a better person today than yesterday Let the joy of worship manifest […]