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Daily Joke A Jewish kid is sent to a Jewish school by his parents. After two weeks he is kicked out for fighting and laziness. So his parents raise the money and send him to a private school. However, after […]

Daily Joke Our local minister had all of his remaining teeth pulled and new dentures made a few weeks ago. The first Sunday, his sermon lasted 10 minutes. The second Sunday, he preached only 20 minutes. But, on the third […]

Daily Joke A foreign-born Jewish woman tells a travel agent that she wants to go to India. “I vant to go to India.” “But Mrs. Cohen,” says the travel agent, “India is so hot, the food is so different, things […]

From my auto mechanic: “That part is much less expensive than I thought.” “I’ve never seen anyone maintain his car as well as you do.” “You could get that done more cheaply at the garage down the street.” “It was […]

Daily Joke At the church meeting, the preacher announced, “Anyone with a special concern or problem who wants to be prayed over, please come forward.”  Billy Bob got in line, and when it was his turn, the preacher asked, “Billy […]

Daily Joke “I can’t find it,” REALLY MEANS, “It didn’t fall into my outstretched hands, so I’m completely clueless.” “That’s women’s work,” REALLY MEANS, “It’s dirty, difficult and thankless.” “Will you marry me?” REALLY MEANS, “Both my roommates have moved […]

Daily Joke Rules Kids Won’t Learn in School Rule #1. Life is not fair. Get used to it. The average teenager uses the phrase “it’s not fair” 8.6 times a day. You got it from your parents, who said it […]

A single guy decided life would be more fun if he had a pet. So he went to the pet store and told the owner that he wanted to buy an unusual pet. After some discussion, he finally bought a […]

Daily Joke Sometimes our body language will help us keep the sacred vow of using respectful language. Here’s how we do it: “Fine” – This is the word we use at the end of any argument that we feel we […]

The family history of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh has been recently discovered in a European monastery. There is now a record of his many relatives. Among them were: His dizzy aunt . . . . Verti Gogh The […]