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Join Lori and Alice this week as they discuss the beloved novel “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo.  This week’s show is sure to leave you with many questions to think about!  Where is the soul?  Who created our conscience?  Were […]

Women in red.  Custody of the eyes. Public hangings. Angry mobs let loose to kick and pummel a guilty rapist. Sound like shades of “A Scarlet Letter”?   Join Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton this week on Open Book  as they discuss […]

In “Manifesto,” poet and farmer Wendell Berry provides plenty of fodder for thought about environmentalism, free thinking and living a moral life in a consumerist world. Join Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton for their take on right relationships, losing ones […]

Ever wondered what America would be like if you were one of the few who survived an apocalyptic event? Would you know who to trust? Who would take care of you? Would you still have faith in God? Would anyone […]

Imagine spending a year living among the poorest of the world’s poor: the African farmer. That’s what award-winning journalist Roger Thurow did beginning in the winter of 2011. He wrote the awe-inspiring book: The Last Hunger Season: A Year in […]

The title of this novel helps us know that even when life’s circumstances are difficult and limit our freedom to be ourselves, there is still something inside that helps us to find and use our voice.  Join Lori Strawn and […]

Free will. It’s a conundrum, isn’t it? Why were we endowed with it when it makes salvation more difficult? Explore God’s role in our everyday lives as Alice Shelton and Lori Strawn discuss the poem “Freedom” by author Charles Peguy. […]

Does the vocation you choose in life and the work that it brings you to do have any bearing on healing the woundedness in your life? Join Lori and Alice as they explore this question and several others in their discussion […]

Join hosts Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton of “Open Book,” for smart God talk on Prayables radio this week as they discuss “Of Gods and Me” by Xavier Beauvois. This powerful story talks about living in true community, prayerfully discerning […]