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What can a man who claims to believe in nothing tell us about faith? Why do people want religion spoon-fed to them? Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton tackle these and many other topics as they explore the dark world of […]

In honor of veterans, Lori and Alice selected the well known and loved poem by John McCrae,  “In Flanders Field”. The imagery and structure of this work provide lots of opportunity for discussing and questioning! LISTEN NOW!

It is easy to see God in nature — the beauty, the intricacy. Now consider: 10% of all the world’s species are parasitic insects. They live by causing death and sickness to other creatures. What kind of God resides in […]

Are places important in our relationship with God and others?  Can a place impact you so much that you carry it with you in your every day life? Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton share their thoughts as they discuss the […]

Most of us know the story of the Good Samaritan, but have you ever thought about what it takes to be that person? On today’s show, Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton contemplate and discuss e.e. Cummings’ trenchant poem “A Man […]

We all have our favorite places to hide and seek in the world’s most wonderful piece of literature – the Bible!  Today Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton share their thoughts and responses to the Beatitudes from the Gospel of St. […]

“Glory be to God for dappled things”…so begins Hopkins’ sublime and thoughtful ode to the types of things most poets avoid — the imperfect, the strange, the ordinary. Where can we find God in those things about ourselves that we’d […]

What a lovely read Calvin Miller’s “classic retelling of a cosmic conflict” is on a cool fall evening!  Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton look forward to sharing some thoughts on this “Troubadour singing a love song to his Lord”.  We hope […]

How does a person become holy in our modern world? Thomas Merton, one of the Catholic Church’s greatest modern thinkers, has answers that might surprise you! Join Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton as they discuss holiness in married life, how […]

Women in red.  Custody of the eyes. Public hangings. Angry mobs let loose to kick and pummel a guilty rapist. Sound like shades of “A Scarlet Letter”?   Join Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton this week on Open Book  as they discuss […]